Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treats to share!

The following three Halloween pins were created by my Kindred Sister Stitcher, Paulette aka Beedeebabee of Paulette is not only a talented one of a kind artist, she also happens to be a very special friend of mine.

She continues to inspire me always with her unique creativity and shooting *S*T*A*R* personality. Her work is truly always perfect and magical, and like a shooting star, a friend like her doesn't come around that often.

You can find out more about my Kindred Sister Stitcher, Paulette by visiting her lovely blog here. To visit her fabulous shop of unique handstitched goodies click here. It's filled with special treats!

Paulette, Thank You for being you!

Kindred Hugs,
Lisa :)


Thank you Autumn of for passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award! Autumn is a new blogger (Yay!) and a very talented artist. Her beautiful paintings and necklaces are all magical! You have to check her out!


The first challenge starts today! I'm playing with Julie of, are you?

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  1. Lisa~Thanks ever so much for coming by and supporting the new Play Date Cafe Challenge! We love that you are working on an offering and can't wait to see it!

    Can I just talk about our Paulette for one moment? Do ya just love her, or what?! That witches boot is my favorite right now, and she also has a sweet mitten on her blog that I just think is terrific!

    You are truly a kind person to help promote these fabulous people!

  2. Great working talent. Good of you to promote everyone like you do Lisa. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the embroidery, they're awesome!
    Congrats on your award too!

  4. I love her pins.They are adorable.Congrats to you on your award as well.

  5. i echo everything that you've said about paulette.....she truly is a special person!! and!! i wish i could be a little mouse in her studio and watch her sweet little fingers stitch up those precious happiness!! here's to kindred spirits!!

    p.s. congrats on your fabulous award! :))

  6. Wow your friends artwork is wonderful!! Congrats on your award! xo Michele

  7. Morning Lisa. As a fellow felter Paulettes Halloween pins are great, so much detail, i can see i have a long way to go. Have a great weekend :)

  8. Looking forward to seeing your play date challenge piece :)
    Isn't Paulette just so, so sweet. Beautiful pieces but such a beautiful person too

  9. Paulette's felt pins are really special and I enjoyed seeing her shop offerings. Thanks for the tip.

  10. Your friends work is wonderful Lisa.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. Congrats Lisa!!
    And I'll check out Paulette's creations - from what I see here she is amazing!

  12. LISA!!! What is ALL THIS, you kindred sweetie pie!!! You snuck in here, and did all this wonderfulness when I wasn't looking! AND, you did amazing things to my photo's as well! I like how my pins look on YOUR blog, better than on my own!!! Lisa, thank you for all those sweet things you wrote, I'm really SOOO touched! OMG, I LOVE the button you made too! It's beautiful, and I'm going to have to snatch it! ;) Sending a big, BIG, kindred hug, Lisa Girl!!! xoxo

    ...Congratulations on your beautiful award from Autumn. I'll have to go peek into her new blog!

    ...I just can't wait to see what you make for The Play Date Cafe's first challenge! Julie and the girls are just great! It's all so exciting!!! =D

    Thank you again Sweetie! Paulette :) :) :)



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