Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Double-Sided ACEO's

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great October so far! As you may already know, I love Halloween and all the tricks and treats to see. Can't wait to visit all of your Halloween inspired spookfabulous blogs!

The following are ACEO's (Art Cards, Editions & Originals) I created and sold in 2007. ACEO's are 2.5" X 3.5". These ACEO's were all double-sided cards created using acrylics, collage paper, digital works, as well as new & vintage images. I added my own blessing & spells to the backs of the first three cards.

Spell to Life's Happiness:

Troubles be gone,
Worries move on,
Receive my call,
To all good witches,
Mend my troubles,
With your charmed stitches,
Blessed be thee,
Remove strife and stress,
Heed my call now,
For my life's happiness!

Blessing of Inspiration:

When inspiration
has passed you by,
May it return
with this one sigh,
Creative efforts
from now & then,
Mind & Soul
shall soar again.

Spell for Heart's Desire:

All Good Witches,
Hear my Call,
Grant my Yearning,
Most of All,
To Need, To Want,
To Have what's Mine,
Barriers Free,
The Test of Time,
A Treasured Fitting,
Longed to Acquire,
Bestow my Bidding,
My Heart's Desire.

Love Potion #9 is a special elixer made to override the lusting temptations & errors of Love Potion #8, inevitably when used, Love Potion #9 prevents love from ever fading away.

I added baby Tabitha's face from Bewitched to this card. I love that show. The Love Potion #9 movie with Sandra Bullock is also a favorite.

This is the ACEO art quilt I created using the double-sided altered images. Completely hand stitched using embroidery thread & beads.

Since creating the blessing & spells in 2007, I've already incorporated them in a few altered stitched and painted pieces. I really enjoy thinking up new blessings & spells for fun. I hope to create more for this Halloween season.

Thanks for coming to visit! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Lisa :)


  1. How LOVELY they are, Lisa! I adore the little verses, what a fantastic idea!!!
    Lots of love, Sanda xx

  2. Oh, Lisa, these are so wonderful! I love that they are two-sided and so meaningful and just plain fun! Love them! :) Silke

  3. Lisa,
    Those are beautiful! I did them years ago with both sides, lots of work :)

  4. These are magickal. They look as if they were tucked in a book of spells waiting to be found. Love the spells themselves...very evocative.

  5. Lisa what wonderful ACEOs! Great idea to make art quilts out of them :-)

  6. Oh I love these-all of them-I've never made an ACEO before, may have to give it a try-

  7. Thanks so much creative cuties! I really appreciate your sweet messages! :)

  8. all of your ACEOs are spook-tacular, lisa!! i especially love the last one with all of the stitching and embellishments! wow! you are SO talented! your blessings and spells are so clever, too! how about casting an "i can make art like lisa" spell on me?!! :)))

  9. Lisa I just happened along your blog and am so gald I found you! What a lovely set of cards!

    Your artwork is inspiring. I will be back

  10. Wow, those are really great Lisa. I love the words that go with them too. I've never done that, ACEO'S. Fantastic job.

  11. Lisa, your creations are absolutely the loveliest Halloween goodies ever! No ugly or evil witches here - just wonderful blessings and good wishes. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Lisa I especially love the messages on the flip side.

    Love Renee xoxo

  13. Hi Sweetie Girl!

    I love them all! Aside from your amazing abilities in the drawing and painting department, you do have such a special way with words too!!! I agree with Lori, can you make up one of those spells for me too? I want to be able to do everything you do, AND just as perfectly!!!...I've always loved your stitching Lisa... It's just the best!

    Big Kindred Hugs,
    Paulette :) :) :)

  14. It is so wonderful to visit you! : )

  15. Hi Lisa. Hope you are doing good. Please pick up your Faith, Hope, and Courage award at my blog. Have a great Sunday. Take care.

  16. Hi Lisa, Do you have any interest in trading a Halloween inspired card? I'm about to make a few and thought you might like to swap one.

  17. Lovely artwork. Wow, your blog is amazing too. I really enjoyed your Halloween artwork and words.
    Happy Halloween!

  18. have talent running through your veins! Beautiful colors and techniques! Lovely, lovely!!!! xoxoxo

  19. Can i borrow your spell, the top one, i really need that today?



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