Monday, February 7, 2011

Artistic Musings

Hello lovelies! January has come and gone and I was completely unaware of it. How did that happen? I hope everyone has been having a wonderful year so far. My imagination is surely adding to my creative to do list. I've been working on a few new paintings and I plan to share and list them for sale soon.

The ornie above is what I created for my 2010 Christmas tree. I always enjoy creating something new to add each year. Painted and created on canvas and secured with a nice blanket stitch. More ornies like these are in the works, too.

Below is something special I created for my dearest friend Paulette aka

Created using a paper mache box that I painted and altered with a crackle finish. I like the primitive and grungy feel of it. 

In the box, I added a sweet mini album attached together with a binder ring and fiber trims.

Using some of my favorite paintings from 2010, I sized and altered the images and adhered them to chipboard that I layered with decorative paper. Adding sparklies and trinkets with my glue gun. Gotta love that glue gun!

Below is a slideshow of more images and close-ups for you to see. Enjoy!

And to complete the gift to Paulette, I also created another ornie for her. For this one I again used an altered painting using fabric, sequins, and tulle.

Completed with a blanket stitch as well and a beaded chain for a hanger.

Like I mentioned above, I've been painting new girlies lately and I plan to share them soon. Thanks so much for coming to visit!

Lisa :)


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