Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Art Journal Entry

Hello everyone! Here are a couple of journal pages I created.
Title: Hold On

It symbolizes the passion I want to continue to have & keep in my life, which is art. Art has given me the freedom my imagination needs everyday to soar. This is something I don't ever want to lose, so I will always "Hold On". I hope you do the same with all the passions you have in life.

Thank you Janine!

I recently won a sweet giveaway hosted by Janine of Her giveaway was in celebration of reaching her 50th post among other goodies. She asked to choose a favorite of any of her past works. I chose this piece titled: The Bookshop. Not only is it a lovely painting, it also reminds me of being in the bookshop all the time. I love it Janine! Thanks again!

Thank you Nicola of for passing on "The Bella Sinclair Award"! Nicola is a fantastic artist. I enjoy visiting her blog & seeing her imagination at work.

Please visit these wonderful sites when you get a chance!

Thanks again so much for all the treasured visits you have all been giving me! I really appreciate your magical comments that always touch my heart! Thanks so very much! :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feeling a bit Wicked

It's been awhile since I've done a little cutie witch. I was just filled with the magical Halloween spirit that was itching to be released.

Title: The Witching Hour

Mixed media collage painting on 8" X 10" Canvas board in an ornate frame

You can find more photos and details on this painting currently up for auction on ebay.

Thanks so much again for the lovely comments for my last painting! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit! Your positive feedback and support always makes my day shine a bit brighter! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love Yourself

Hello fellow bloggers! I wanted to once again thank you all for the warm and touching support you've constantly sent my way. It means so much. :)

Here is my latest creation. Have you ever felt like you've just painted someone you might know? Or at least might have met or seen somehow in your life before? Well, I sure had that feeling when I finished this painting. She was painted completely from my imagination. I always enjoy seeing the end result. Sometimes it's what you've imagined and sometimes not. It's a good thing either way.

9" X 11" X 2.5" Deep on stretched canvas
Mixed media painting currently on ebay.

The sky holds no bounds for your creativity.

The end of the rainbow is not as far as it seems.

You are the keeper of keys to all possibilities.

Following your heart will lead you to your destiny.

The person you want to be already exists.

Embrace Life. Live the Dream. Love Yourself.



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