Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

On This Magic Night So True,

Light A Candle, Maybe Two,

Yummy Goodies We All Yearn,

Waiting Now For Just Our Turn,

Costume Fitting Will Be Just Right,

All The Kiddies May Have A Fright,

A Witch's Laugh You Just Might Hear,

The Beady Eyes Might Make You Fear,

The Night Will Come, The Day is Long,

Now As I Wait, I'll Sing This Song!


Have a Safe and Happy Halloween! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magical Blessings

Hello creative lovelies! First off, I'd like to say *T*H*A*N*K*S* again to all of you for peppering me with positive vibes regarding my Halloween party/Kindred Cuties and my latest Kindred Sisters painting. I feel so lucky to have your support in my art! It means so much! You are all *S*T*A*R*S*!

Here is my entry for the first challenge at The Play Date Cafe.

Mixed Media ACEO
Size: 2.5" X 3.5"
Meet Fiona, #6 from my series of Kindred Cuties.

Sweet Julie of has designed this week's challenge.

Julie says:
"Each week, someone from our design team will be your host. What does that mean? It means the color choices and the inspiration behind those colors are chosen personally by that week's host. You never know what story may come with that inspiration, so be ready for anything."

I am so glad to have the chance to participate in this weekly inspiration. Not only does it encourage my creativity, it also comes with a sweet incentive: a weekly prize and badge to the one lucky winner.

I'll try my very best to create for all the fun challenges to come. I really enjoyed making this one for the grand 1st Challenge event. If you'd like to join me for this challenge or the next, visit The Play Date Cafe and/or Julie for more details.

Thanks again for your visit and support! I plan to list Fiona on ebay later today (*update* tomorrow). Keep watch as well, I'll be revealing the other Kindred Cuties from my Halloween Party soon too.

Magical Blessings,
Lisa :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giveaway Announcement + Spooky Funhouse Pt. 2

Welcome back Halloween Party Guests! Below is Part 2 to the Halloween Spooky Funhouse! If you didn't get a chance to check it out, here is the link to Part 1. For the Giveaway announcement, just scroll down to the end of this post. Thanks again for coming to my party and participating in my Giveaway!


Anne and Bridget find themselves getting lost in the spooky corridors just like Celeste and Diana. They all wished they would have arrived to the Spooky Funhouse together.

After what seemed like forever, Anne and Bridget wound up at the beginning of the whole funhouse. They find shy Emma walking alone and within seconds before beginning to cry of fright and loneliness.

"Aah Anne! Bridget! You don't know how glad I am to see you. I was so excited to come here and visit. I was hoping we'd find each other here." They all embraced each other in happiness and decided to start over again, at least again for Anne and Bridget.

They took Emma down the same spooky halls to find the magical art quilts that led them to the room of crafts once again. All three of them were so happy to find Celeste and Diana there making quilts as well. They had found each other. All Kindred Cuties together at last. They waited together while Celeste, Diana and Emma completed their party favor ornies.

The creator did not in fact have to repeat the instructions again because this time around Anne did all the teaching of what she had learned. The creator just gave her a quick wink.

As they were leaving the room of crafts, the creator reminded them once again that their party favors would be at the exit when they left. They all waved goodbye to the lovely creator and went down a corridor that neither groups had walked through.

They began to hear soft music playing on a piano. It sounded like there was someone playing in the actual room with them. They were very thankful that it wasn't creepy music at all. The music began to speed to a more playful sound as they entered a glow in the dark room. All five Kindred Cuties held onto each others hands really tight. They took one step at a time and felt like they were in another world. The music began to get louder and the glow in the dark room began to feel like it was moving.

It was a small room filled with fun mirrors all around.

The Kindred Cuties all giggled together.

They even danced to the music as they walked over to each different mirror.

They loved looking at their funny reflections.

They couldn't stop from laughing out loud!

Emma didn't want to play at first, then did it anyway. Who could resist?

They finally contained themselves as they exited the room. They were greeted with more surprise art quilts on the walls.

Anne opened a door and found a shocking scare...

"Wait...what is that!....It's a MMmmummmY!! RUNNNNN!" Anne yelled as she held onto Diana's hand. All Kindred Cuties began to run and open all doors for possible exits as they passed them.

"It's the Headless Horseman!" Celeste screamed as they ran down another hallway. Emma and Bridget were last but not far behind.

They looked back and realized that they were not being chased by anyone. They were running for nothing.

All Kindred Cuties felt almost out of breathe. They all wanted to find the nearest exit. Turn after turn was another dead end, then a door with an exit sign on it creaked open out of nowhere. All Kindred Cuties looked at it and at each other with quick glances of frightened surprise.

Their fright quickly went away when they opened the door to find a Jack O' Lantern dancing to show the real exit door. They all began to giggle in relief.

As they reached the door the Creator came out of nowhere.

"Don't forget your party favors and your 'Halloween Ornies' print outs", she sweetly said.

All the Kindred Cuties waved goodbye with big smiles.

My Giveaway Announcement: I have tallied all my entries, including followers and badge sharers. Thank you! I printed out all the entries, cut, & threw them into my Witch Hat. I wish I could give all my Halloween guests prizes, but I could only choose three. And they are...

(Handstitched Surprise Goodie & Choice of Print already in my Etsy Shop):

Becky of:

(Choice of Print already in my Etsy Shop):

Janil of:

(Choice of Print already in my Etsy Shop):

Chrisy of:

A Big Congrats to all the lucky winners! Becky, Janil & Chrisy, please email me with your addresses & choice of print to or leave it in the comment section here. (I will not publish your address)

Keep Watch...I will have more giveaways to come!

Your continued presence and support in my art means so much!

Thanks again for coming to my Halloween party! Make sure to stop by on Halloween day! I will have a trick or treat to share. I really appreciate all the love about my introduction of Kindred Cuties. I hope to share more about them really soon.

Happy Hauntings!

Lisa :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kindred Sisters

Hello everyone! Just a quickie. Here is my latest painting, "Kindred Sisters". I had so much fun creating this piece.

Thanks so much for all your special visits and comments! I can't wait to find out who wins my giveaway! Have a great night!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treats to share!

The following three Halloween pins were created by my Kindred Sister Stitcher, Paulette aka Beedeebabee of Paulette is not only a talented one of a kind artist, she also happens to be a very special friend of mine.

She continues to inspire me always with her unique creativity and shooting *S*T*A*R* personality. Her work is truly always perfect and magical, and like a shooting star, a friend like her doesn't come around that often.

You can find out more about my Kindred Sister Stitcher, Paulette by visiting her lovely blog here. To visit her fabulous shop of unique handstitched goodies click here. It's filled with special treats!

Paulette, Thank You for being you!

Kindred Hugs,
Lisa :)


Thank you Autumn of for passing on the Kreativ Blogger Award! Autumn is a new blogger (Yay!) and a very talented artist. Her beautiful paintings and necklaces are all magical! You have to check her out!


The first challenge starts today! I'm playing with Julie of, are you?

Don't miss these SPOOKTACULAR Giveaways!

Byrum Halloween Giveaway

Peach Street's 100 Followers Celebration Giveaway

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Halloween Swap!

I was so very honored to do a Halloween swap with the sweet & talented Becky of My goodie from Becky was cleverly wrapped and decorated using lace, a recycled tea-dyed dryer sheet (not shown), twine and a tag.

Our Halloween swap didn't have a specific size request, the only swap request was that we receive it before Halloween, of course. :) Becky sent me an Artist Trading Card (ATC) which is 2.5" X 3.5", just like ACEO's, but traded rather than being sold.

This special ATC was created using a collage of fabric & paper. It sparkles with iridescent glitter all around. A little birdie is perched on the words "trick or treat" next to a spooky tree, and a lovely stitched up border. So cute and definitely a TREAT for me!

I love my Halloween swap, Becky! Thanks so much! Halloween is my favorite! I will cherish it always.

Becky Shander is a fun & fabulously published artist. You can visit Becky here to find more about her creative life and shared inspirations.

Thanks again Becky!

Lisa :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Party Giveaway!

Hello Halloween Lovers! There is a Small Red Carpet event going on here. Today is a spookfabulous day! Holiday Party Queen & Artist Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is hosting a Halloween Extravaganza! In honor of her event, I get to participate for the very first time ever. I am so excited to look and see who graces our Spooktacular Red Carpet Event before heading into our Spooky Funhouse.

I also can't wait to visit Vanessa's amazing party post. I'm sure her tribute to this magical holiday will be grand! I just loved loved loved her post from last year. I also can't wait to visit all the other party participants who signed up. I know I will have a blast meeting new friends out there who love Halloween as much as I do.

Not only is this a Halloween party, but it also will be the first time that I get to introduce "Kindred Cuties" to blogland. It is a new series of kindred spirits just like all of us. The original paintings are still intact and will be available for sale at a later time. The following Kindred Cuties visiting here have all been altered with digital enhancement for this Special Halloween Event. I hope you have a Spookfabulous time here! Enjoy!

Meet Freddie, he is the ticket booth operator and Assistant Manager of our Spooky Funhouse. He is all fun and games already, so watch out. Today just happens to be his birthday too. He loves his job and will be his corny self all day, as promised.

I'm starting to notice all you lovely guests entering the funhouse. How exciting!!!

Giving her ticket to enter as I speak...I see Anne dressed up in her Fairy Witch Costume, green hair and all. I've seen Anne Shirley with green hair before and it didn't look this fabulous.

Now I can surely say...

Ooh...Bridget has just arrived right after Anne. She is looking so cute with her purple hair and outfit. She even has a sweet flower accessory attached to her hair too. Still not sure what her costume is yet...maybe a cha-cha dancer from St. Bernadette's? She looks fabulous no matter what!

Anne and Bridget have just entered the main lobby together. I can't wait for all the magical things that they'll see in our Spooky Funhouse. Anne and Bridget seem to be holding hands...I think they might believe this to be more of a haunted house than a funhouse.

Oh no...don't be afraid, you're just looking at the Halloween art quilts on the walls. Handstitched felt goodies are all over this funhouse. Have fun girls!

While Anne and Bridget continue to look around, let's see who else has arrived to the party.

Ooh...two new arrivals at the same time. Here is Celeste coming in right before sweet Diana Barry. Look at these lovely Kindred Cuties! They look so precious! The dark and mysterious as always, Miss Celeste. Celeste looks to be costumed as a dark angel. What a perfect fit for such a spiritual being! Love the black wings too!

And here we have Ms. Diana Barry, Anne's best friend and dearest kindred spirit of all. How exciting to see her looking gorgeous in her Halloween costume. Diana and Anne seem to have a little secret costume agreement. Both seem to be wearing Fairy wings, but no green hair for Diana. Diana looks fairylicious with her blue lipstick. I surely see a trend ladies...I repeat, I see a trend. Let's leave Celeste and Diana to get their tickets from Freddie. In the meantime...what have Anne and Bridget been up too?

They just met up with the creator of all these handstitched felt goodies. After hesitating for a really long while, Anne and Bridget pushed themselves into the room of crafts. There were paintings, dolls and many more art quilts all over the room. Anne couldn't concentrate on what was going on. The creator was teaching Anne and Bridget how to stitch up ornies as their party favors. The creator had many halloween style ornies to choose from. Bridget couldn't make up her mind one bit. She wanted them all. "I'll show you how to handstitch one, then you can try it for yourself again later." The creator said as she pulled a tree holding an ornie selection away from Bridget.

"Okay, here we go...I like to draw out a simple design onto regular paper and cut out the design from the paper when I'm done. I use this paper as a template to transfer my design to the felt. Since I've done this for many years, I can eyeball the exact measurements of what I want. It all depends on you. Your style, your own ideas. I just try to help you with the process of creating them. Any questions?"

"Yah...I have a question!" Anne asked in a matter of fact kind of way.

"Sure dear, what is your question?"

"I was wondering...out of all the people that will be attending your party here at the Spooky Funhouse, how many times will you be teaching this same instruction? You don't have to answer my weird question, I was just curious and thinking about how terrible it will be to teach the same class over and over again in one day."

"I actually don't think it is a weird question at all, Anne. You are a very sweet girl for thinking of me. I am very honored to help anyone who needs my help. Just to ease your curiosity...I do have printed instructions available for all to use. Everyone is welcome to use it and my help is here if you need me. For now, you can read the step by step instructions on the board in front of you. Feel free to ask away with any questions you may have. There are no weird questions in my book here. Before you leave the Spooky Funhouse, I will give you more info about the instruction print out....Have fun ladies!" she said as she tried to stop a big smile from coming out. The creator slowly walked back to her stitching desk.

Anne and Bridget were thrilled when they finished their felt ornies. They left the room of crafts with a new skill at hand. They were told to leave their ornies so they could continue the Spooky funhouse without worry. Anne and Bridget quickly left to see what other wonders awaited.

As for Celeste and Diana, they were in for their own treats. They happened to walk a different path in the funhouse. The halls were very dark and the only light bright enough to see anything was straight ahead. Diana held onto Celeste's arm like she might faint. Celeste was not afraid of anything. She didn't mind the darkness and she didn't mind not knowing what was straight ahead. She just wanted to see.

The light up ahead ended up being the one lit torch against the wall. The thing next to the light is what scared them. "What is that!" Diana screamed. Celeste being the calm one with fearless attitude touched the thing on the wall. "It's just an art quilt. My mom makes them all the time. She always tries to get me to make them with her. I never have the time..."she went on "Diana, do you have to scream like that in here of all places?" Diana just nodded her head no and tried her very best to keep quiet. She knew it wouldn't last very long. They found another art quilt soon after and Diana screamed again.

After Diana's repeat screamathon, she and Celeste happen upon the room of crafts. Around this same time, a new party guest had just arrived.

It's Emma, dressed like an angel. She looks magical and has a magnificent aura about her. She surely looks as shy as she always does though. C'mon sweetie...give us a little smile...just a little one...maybe later then. She is too adorable!

I can't wait to see all the other fabulous costumes that grace our little spooky funhouse, but it will have to be continued onto a later post. I think I've made this Halloween post as fun and as long as I should. I hope you stay tuned for more of this tale of Kindred Cuties at the Spooky Funhouse.

I had so much fun creating this Halloween post for you! Thanks again Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist for being a wonderful Holiday Party Queen! Don't forget to visit Vanessa and find the magical list of participants on her site just waiting for your sweet arrival.

And now for my giveaway...
My Giveaway was first meant to celebrate me reaching over 300 followers, but since I never got the chance to do that until now, I thought it was a great idea. My main Halloween Giveaway will be a surprise handstitched treat! If by chance I have so many entries to the giveaway, then I will add more prizes in the mix. My giveaway is open to everyone with an active blog worldwide.

The simple rules to participate are as follows:

1. Leave a comment (on this post only)
2. Share my giveaway pic above or below with my link on your blog for a second entry (Please comment here if you do that too)
3. Become a Follower for a third entry (This includes current Followers already, comment here if you are already a follower)

It's that easy!

Polls Close:

11:59 pm PST on Friday, October 23, 2009

Winner(s) will be announced on Saturday, October 24th.

A Big thank you to all who have come to follow me on this creative journey! I really appreciate every single one of your comments!

Good Luck & Happy Halloween!!!

Lisa :)

If you'd like to see Part 2 click here.



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