Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Party Giveaway!

Hello Halloween Lovers! There is a Small Red Carpet event going on here. Today is a spookfabulous day! Holiday Party Queen & Artist Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is hosting a Halloween Extravaganza! In honor of her event, I get to participate for the very first time ever. I am so excited to look and see who graces our Spooktacular Red Carpet Event before heading into our Spooky Funhouse.

I also can't wait to visit Vanessa's amazing party post. I'm sure her tribute to this magical holiday will be grand! I just loved loved loved her post from last year. I also can't wait to visit all the other party participants who signed up. I know I will have a blast meeting new friends out there who love Halloween as much as I do.

Not only is this a Halloween party, but it also will be the first time that I get to introduce "Kindred Cuties" to blogland. It is a new series of kindred spirits just like all of us. The original paintings are still intact and will be available for sale at a later time. The following Kindred Cuties visiting here have all been altered with digital enhancement for this Special Halloween Event. I hope you have a Spookfabulous time here! Enjoy!

Meet Freddie, he is the ticket booth operator and Assistant Manager of our Spooky Funhouse. He is all fun and games already, so watch out. Today just happens to be his birthday too. He loves his job and will be his corny self all day, as promised.

I'm starting to notice all you lovely guests entering the funhouse. How exciting!!!

Giving her ticket to enter as I speak...I see Anne dressed up in her Fairy Witch Costume, green hair and all. I've seen Anne Shirley with green hair before and it didn't look this fabulous.

Now I can surely say...

Ooh...Bridget has just arrived right after Anne. She is looking so cute with her purple hair and outfit. She even has a sweet flower accessory attached to her hair too. Still not sure what her costume is yet...maybe a cha-cha dancer from St. Bernadette's? She looks fabulous no matter what!

Anne and Bridget have just entered the main lobby together. I can't wait for all the magical things that they'll see in our Spooky Funhouse. Anne and Bridget seem to be holding hands...I think they might believe this to be more of a haunted house than a funhouse.

Oh no...don't be afraid, you're just looking at the Halloween art quilts on the walls. Handstitched felt goodies are all over this funhouse. Have fun girls!

While Anne and Bridget continue to look around, let's see who else has arrived to the party.

Ooh...two new arrivals at the same time. Here is Celeste coming in right before sweet Diana Barry. Look at these lovely Kindred Cuties! They look so precious! The dark and mysterious as always, Miss Celeste. Celeste looks to be costumed as a dark angel. What a perfect fit for such a spiritual being! Love the black wings too!

And here we have Ms. Diana Barry, Anne's best friend and dearest kindred spirit of all. How exciting to see her looking gorgeous in her Halloween costume. Diana and Anne seem to have a little secret costume agreement. Both seem to be wearing Fairy wings, but no green hair for Diana. Diana looks fairylicious with her blue lipstick. I surely see a trend ladies...I repeat, I see a trend. Let's leave Celeste and Diana to get their tickets from Freddie. In the meantime...what have Anne and Bridget been up too?

They just met up with the creator of all these handstitched felt goodies. After hesitating for a really long while, Anne and Bridget pushed themselves into the room of crafts. There were paintings, dolls and many more art quilts all over the room. Anne couldn't concentrate on what was going on. The creator was teaching Anne and Bridget how to stitch up ornies as their party favors. The creator had many halloween style ornies to choose from. Bridget couldn't make up her mind one bit. She wanted them all. "I'll show you how to handstitch one, then you can try it for yourself again later." The creator said as she pulled a tree holding an ornie selection away from Bridget.

"Okay, here we go...I like to draw out a simple design onto regular paper and cut out the design from the paper when I'm done. I use this paper as a template to transfer my design to the felt. Since I've done this for many years, I can eyeball the exact measurements of what I want. It all depends on you. Your style, your own ideas. I just try to help you with the process of creating them. Any questions?"

"Yah...I have a question!" Anne asked in a matter of fact kind of way.

"Sure dear, what is your question?"

"I was wondering...out of all the people that will be attending your party here at the Spooky Funhouse, how many times will you be teaching this same instruction? You don't have to answer my weird question, I was just curious and thinking about how terrible it will be to teach the same class over and over again in one day."

"I actually don't think it is a weird question at all, Anne. You are a very sweet girl for thinking of me. I am very honored to help anyone who needs my help. Just to ease your curiosity...I do have printed instructions available for all to use. Everyone is welcome to use it and my help is here if you need me. For now, you can read the step by step instructions on the board in front of you. Feel free to ask away with any questions you may have. There are no weird questions in my book here. Before you leave the Spooky Funhouse, I will give you more info about the instruction print out....Have fun ladies!" she said as she tried to stop a big smile from coming out. The creator slowly walked back to her stitching desk.

Anne and Bridget were thrilled when they finished their felt ornies. They left the room of crafts with a new skill at hand. They were told to leave their ornies so they could continue the Spooky funhouse without worry. Anne and Bridget quickly left to see what other wonders awaited.

As for Celeste and Diana, they were in for their own treats. They happened to walk a different path in the funhouse. The halls were very dark and the only light bright enough to see anything was straight ahead. Diana held onto Celeste's arm like she might faint. Celeste was not afraid of anything. She didn't mind the darkness and she didn't mind not knowing what was straight ahead. She just wanted to see.

The light up ahead ended up being the one lit torch against the wall. The thing next to the light is what scared them. "What is that!" Diana screamed. Celeste being the calm one with fearless attitude touched the thing on the wall. "It's just an art quilt. My mom makes them all the time. She always tries to get me to make them with her. I never have the time..."she went on "Diana, do you have to scream like that in here of all places?" Diana just nodded her head no and tried her very best to keep quiet. She knew it wouldn't last very long. They found another art quilt soon after and Diana screamed again.

After Diana's repeat screamathon, she and Celeste happen upon the room of crafts. Around this same time, a new party guest had just arrived.

It's Emma, dressed like an angel. She looks magical and has a magnificent aura about her. She surely looks as shy as she always does though. C'mon sweetie...give us a little smile...just a little one...maybe later then. She is too adorable!

I can't wait to see all the other fabulous costumes that grace our little spooky funhouse, but it will have to be continued onto a later post. I think I've made this Halloween post as fun and as long as I should. I hope you stay tuned for more of this tale of Kindred Cuties at the Spooky Funhouse.

I had so much fun creating this Halloween post for you! Thanks again Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist for being a wonderful Holiday Party Queen! Don't forget to visit Vanessa and find the magical list of participants on her site just waiting for your sweet arrival.

And now for my giveaway...
My Giveaway was first meant to celebrate me reaching over 300 followers, but since I never got the chance to do that until now, I thought it was a great idea. My main Halloween Giveaway will be a surprise handstitched treat! If by chance I have so many entries to the giveaway, then I will add more prizes in the mix. My giveaway is open to everyone with an active blog worldwide.

The simple rules to participate are as follows:

1. Leave a comment (on this post only)
2. Share my giveaway pic above or below with my link on your blog for a second entry (Please comment here if you do that too)
3. Become a Follower for a third entry (This includes current Followers already, comment here if you are already a follower)

It's that easy!

Polls Close:

11:59 pm PST on Friday, October 23, 2009

Winner(s) will be announced on Saturday, October 24th.

A Big thank you to all who have come to follow me on this creative journey! I really appreciate every single one of your comments!

Good Luck & Happy Halloween!!!

Lisa :)

If you'd like to see Part 2 click here.



  1. hi lisa!! creepy craawlies all over the place!! not only do you create fabulous artwork, but your story is spooktacular, too!! i just love your little kindred cuties..i'll be looking forward to seeing their debut without their scary costumes!! great party....bravo, sweet gal!! :)))

  2. Lisa...Lisa...what a great Halloween party! So glad that I was able to come by....I couldn't fit your giveaway pic on my sidebar, but it is on my blog towards the bottom until I can move it up (just wanted to get it on there for you!)

    Dummy me thought I had signed on as follower weeks matter...I'm one NOW! YAY!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win an original 'something' by you!

  3. Hi Sweetie! You did such a GREAT job on this post Lisa!!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed roaming through your spooktacular, crafty funhouse, along with Anne, Diana, Bridget and Celeste!!! Loved your story, all their costumes, and ALL of your spooky, but adorable Halloween quilties! Sooo cute! You've got such an imagination!!! =D Congratulations on all of your followers...HOLY COW!!! Sending a big spooky kindred hug! Paulette :) :) :)

  4. Oh I love all of your there anything that you don't do? Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare!
    **kisskiss** Deborah

  5. What a wonderful and fun thing to do. I just loved all your visuals. You are very creative. I enjoyed myself very much. Have a great Sunday.

  6. What a bewitching tale! And, a giveaway too! Thanks for all the spooky fun. Have a magical weekend! Twyla

  7. What a lovely spooky party. Thanks for inviting us and happy halloween!

  8. Goulishous kindred cutie guests in here! Thanks for your hospitality...swing your broom over to my place for some more treats if you haven't already flown by!

  9. Hey Lisa, such a fun giveaway and a great post - please count me in - I am a follower and I will include a little link on my blog too - so thats 3 entries for me, yeahhhhh!

  10. Dear Lisa, that is such a cool party- post.
    Please count me in for the giveaway twice (I am your reader) and have a great sunday.

  11. What a fabulous funhouse! Such spooky inhabitants there!
    Happy hauntings!

  12. Love to follow this delightful place! You are talented in many media and a joy! Blessings.

  13. Love your art! Thanks for inviting me over.

  14. Lisa what a fabulous giveaway. You did a fantastic job for your first Halloween party and it looked like you had fun doing it.

    Love Renee xoxo

  15. i love all your handstitched goodies - wonderful art :D

    those altered pics and the story are also very cool.

    i now follow you :D

  16. Wow! what a fantastic party you still have going on here! LOVE IT! Off I go to mingle with all of your lovely guests!

  17. Hi there!

    Happy Hallowe'en and great party post!!!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  18. lisa what a great post, I enjoyed reading your story, and really dig those kindred cuties of yours :-)
    I'm heading out for the day, but will check out A fanciful Twist's blog for the rest of the Halloween party tonight.
    have fun!

    I'm already a follower of yours too :-)

  19. What a wonderful tale you've spun! I love your new characters and of course Anne girl and Diana Barry. My girlfriend calls me Diana Barry! lol I am delighted with your kindred cuties! And I would be thrilled to win something you've made! I love your art! Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday! I am a follower, too...and you are on my list of favorites on my blog!

  20. Came back! Ya know- I told ya I loved the Witching Hour art! As I looked at more- I'm in love with all you do! The stitched felt (creative- candy corn fangs *lol*). The clay and altered fabric art! You're so creative and inspiring!
    The Family portrait *swoons* even your 1st collab! Wow!!! I have you on my blog roll and would love to visit you from time to time!
    I also voted for your next project! Halloween of course *winks*
    I'm following ya!
    Will blog about your give away and post the link in the next comment! I enjoyed my visit with you.... again and many more to come!

  21. I blogged about your Give Away and poll!

    Be Enchanted!

  22. I am enamored with your stitched creations! I so wish I could sew a lick... :( You are super talented, Lisa! Happy, happy Halloween!
    ~ Autumn Clark

  23. Ooooh pick me! I'm a follower, of course, and I'm posting your giveaway on my blog, too. Put in a good word for me! ;)


  24. I love your work... I'd love to entry this giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance!

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  25. Current follower!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  26. I blogged hre:

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  27. YAY! I managed to snag the smaller button for my sidebar...and it's up and CROSSED!

  28. What a spook-tacular party you are having. I just flew in to say Happy Halloween!! Loving all your works of art. So cool!!
    Stop by mine if you have time

  29. Great paintings! I am thinking I need some sort of Halloween theme now for my blog! Thanks for the inspiration.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  30. I am now following your blog!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  31. What a truly beautiful and inspiring party! I just loved it...Happy Halloween!

  32. Tee heeee! You are so so much fun! I love your creations in spooky colors! Hauntingly wonderful!

    Bwuahahahaaaa, thank you for being a delightful part of the festivites!

  33. Hi, I just found your blog. Please enter my name if open to Canadians :)

  34. Hello Lisa,
    Thank you for such a Magical Halloween party!I enjoyed this soo much :)


  35. What a great party. Happy Halloween.


  36. Hey Lisa - thanks for inviting me! The party was fa-BOO-lous! I enjoyed it entirely - from start to finish! Very magical!!
    I have posted your awesome party invite on my blog (pic and all!) - and I have become a follower - I sooooooo admire your work - truely breath-taking - and I'm posting. Even if I don't win - I so enjoyed the party and am excited to see such fantstic work!

  37. I love your work.
    I am a new follower.

  38. Hello Lisa! Sorry I'm late visiting you but I'm trying to get to every1;)As always, your work is amazing. I will share the giveaway with my readers and I am already a follower;)

  39. Hi Lisa - spectacular party post! I also had a look at your art work - I really love it. :O)

  40. Hope you had a good Monday! :)

    Stop by when you can. The Queen made two special announcements at the Manor!

  41. still making the rounds , come by mine for a giveaway as well

  42. Please enter me into the giveaway. They are so sweet

  43. Oh so Fun and SpOOky my Dear

    SpOOky Dreams


  44. Oh yay!!! Another party I'm not too late too!!!

    I'd love to be entered in your giveaway!

    Your party was absolutely lovely, and so is your artwork!

    Please stop by my party and giveaway!

  45. Hi Lisa! I just wanted to thank you for stoppin by my place and leavin such a nice comment. It means so much to me.Don't forget, I pick a winner tonight and will post on site then contact them. Have a great day and visit again soon;)

  46. I'm having a giveaway so come over.

    Love Renee xoxo

  47. Hello, Lisa!

    What fun!!! Your joy in what you do comes through so clearly in your art and in your blog! Thank you for the fantastic and spooky inspiration!!!

  48. I had such a wonderful time at the Halloween parties. Such beautiful hand stitched pieces and so spooky. I am a follower now too.

    Happy Halloween!!

  49. Oh, Lisa, your Halloween Party was such fun! You did a wonderful job creating it.
    I would love to enter your give-away. I posted a link to your give-away on my Blog, I am already a follower, and I am commenting on this post.
    It would be such fun to win one of your hand-stitched creations!
    Happy Halloween!!

  50. ooh, the art quilts look fang-tastic! Strange also how neon green can look so scary.

    .oOo.☆♥ Maria-Thérèse parties at ♥☆.oOo.
    ...but you already knew that! :D

  51. Hi lisa! How did I miss this,lol.I had a wonderful time here, and im so glad to enter your giveaway,(to bad it wasnt an art print)lol anyway count me in.~Becky~~

  52. Oh boy, there's still a party going on! I found you through sweet Beedababee, and am so glad I did-- what could be better than partying with Anne?!?

    I have a blog too, though no parties so far! But you could still come visit me at, just to say howdy!

  53. What a lovely party! Thank you for having me.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  54. I am following and I have added your give away to my blog!!

  55. fablous party! and you have a new follower.
    Happy halloween!

  56. Hi,
    I am following you and have linked your contest on my blog I hope I win, I love your work.

  57. You stitched felt creations are so unique and was fun to stop by and be so entertained. Come visit me, sometime, by door is always open!

  58. Such lovely creations!

    +1 I became a follower. :)[at]gmail[dot]com




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