Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giveaway Announcement + Spooky Funhouse Pt. 2

Welcome back Halloween Party Guests! Below is Part 2 to the Halloween Spooky Funhouse! If you didn't get a chance to check it out, here is the link to Part 1. For the Giveaway announcement, just scroll down to the end of this post. Thanks again for coming to my party and participating in my Giveaway!


Anne and Bridget find themselves getting lost in the spooky corridors just like Celeste and Diana. They all wished they would have arrived to the Spooky Funhouse together.

After what seemed like forever, Anne and Bridget wound up at the beginning of the whole funhouse. They find shy Emma walking alone and within seconds before beginning to cry of fright and loneliness.

"Aah Anne! Bridget! You don't know how glad I am to see you. I was so excited to come here and visit. I was hoping we'd find each other here." They all embraced each other in happiness and decided to start over again, at least again for Anne and Bridget.

They took Emma down the same spooky halls to find the magical art quilts that led them to the room of crafts once again. All three of them were so happy to find Celeste and Diana there making quilts as well. They had found each other. All Kindred Cuties together at last. They waited together while Celeste, Diana and Emma completed their party favor ornies.

The creator did not in fact have to repeat the instructions again because this time around Anne did all the teaching of what she had learned. The creator just gave her a quick wink.

As they were leaving the room of crafts, the creator reminded them once again that their party favors would be at the exit when they left. They all waved goodbye to the lovely creator and went down a corridor that neither groups had walked through.

They began to hear soft music playing on a piano. It sounded like there was someone playing in the actual room with them. They were very thankful that it wasn't creepy music at all. The music began to speed to a more playful sound as they entered a glow in the dark room. All five Kindred Cuties held onto each others hands really tight. They took one step at a time and felt like they were in another world. The music began to get louder and the glow in the dark room began to feel like it was moving.

It was a small room filled with fun mirrors all around.

The Kindred Cuties all giggled together.

They even danced to the music as they walked over to each different mirror.

They loved looking at their funny reflections.

They couldn't stop from laughing out loud!

Emma didn't want to play at first, then did it anyway. Who could resist?

They finally contained themselves as they exited the room. They were greeted with more surprise art quilts on the walls.

Anne opened a door and found a shocking scare...

"Wait...what is that!....It's a MMmmummmY!! RUNNNNN!" Anne yelled as she held onto Diana's hand. All Kindred Cuties began to run and open all doors for possible exits as they passed them.

"It's the Headless Horseman!" Celeste screamed as they ran down another hallway. Emma and Bridget were last but not far behind.

They looked back and realized that they were not being chased by anyone. They were running for nothing.

All Kindred Cuties felt almost out of breathe. They all wanted to find the nearest exit. Turn after turn was another dead end, then a door with an exit sign on it creaked open out of nowhere. All Kindred Cuties looked at it and at each other with quick glances of frightened surprise.

Their fright quickly went away when they opened the door to find a Jack O' Lantern dancing to show the real exit door. They all began to giggle in relief.

As they reached the door the Creator came out of nowhere.

"Don't forget your party favors and your 'Halloween Ornies' print outs", she sweetly said.

All the Kindred Cuties waved goodbye with big smiles.

My Giveaway Announcement: I have tallied all my entries, including followers and badge sharers. Thank you! I printed out all the entries, cut, & threw them into my Witch Hat. I wish I could give all my Halloween guests prizes, but I could only choose three. And they are...

(Handstitched Surprise Goodie & Choice of Print already in my Etsy Shop):

Becky of:

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A Big Congrats to all the lucky winners! Becky, Janil & Chrisy, please email me with your addresses & choice of print to or leave it in the comment section here. (I will not publish your address)

Keep Watch...I will have more giveaways to come!

Your continued presence and support in my art means so much!

Thanks again for coming to my Halloween party! Make sure to stop by on Halloween day! I will have a trick or treat to share. I really appreciate all the love about my introduction of Kindred Cuties. I hope to share more about them really soon.

Happy Hauntings!

Lisa :)


  1. Lisa - Loved Part 2 of your party - it was a blast - you are so clever! Congrats to all the winners!!!
    Traci {:

  2. another fun adventure with those sweet kindred cuties!! i'm so glad that they all got out of that fun house okay.....i was holding my breath on that one!! and those little halloween ornies are the absolute cutest!!!

    congrats to those three lucky ladies who won halloween giveaway treats!! :)))

  3. Hi Sweetie! I loved reading this continuation of your very adorable Halloween story! I'm so glad it had a happy ending! ;) Your little stitched creations are just so adorable!!! I loved it all!

    A BIG congratulations to all three of your very lucky winners!!!

    Paulette :):):)

  4. thanks for the story. your kindred cuties are such fun characters! looking forward to more. :)

  5. Lisa,
    This was a wonderful conclusion to your Halloween party. I had so much fun :)
    Congratulations to the lucky winners!


  6. Oh myy I won,lol.Thanks so much Lisa, I will cherish your giveaway.Im so happy,LOL.Thanks for having this,its the very first thing Ive ever won on blogger,heheh.I have entered many too.HUGS to you!

  7. Lisa I was so happy to see Chrisy as one of your winners because in reality she is a total winner. I adore her.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. congratulations to three VERY lucky winners!

  9. What a great laugh seeing all the twisted art. Awesome and very funny!
    Loved it, thank you!

  10. Whahooo! How exciting...thank you so very much...

  11. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Yay!

  12. congrats to the winners :D

    loved the fun house mirror pics :D

  13. Hi Lisa!!!!
    I was enjoying wihe party and... I can believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm a winner!!!!I'm so happy... love your prints!!!!!!

    hugs and kisses!I'll write you later!



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