Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love Yourself

Hello fellow bloggers! I wanted to once again thank you all for the warm and touching support you've constantly sent my way. It means so much. :)

Here is my latest creation. Have you ever felt like you've just painted someone you might know? Or at least might have met or seen somehow in your life before? Well, I sure had that feeling when I finished this painting. She was painted completely from my imagination. I always enjoy seeing the end result. Sometimes it's what you've imagined and sometimes not. It's a good thing either way.

9" X 11" X 2.5" Deep on stretched canvas
Mixed media painting currently on ebay.

The sky holds no bounds for your creativity.

The end of the rainbow is not as far as it seems.

You are the keeper of keys to all possibilities.

Following your heart will lead you to your destiny.

The person you want to be already exists.

Embrace Life. Live the Dream. Love Yourself.



  1. This is so beautiful I am lost for words to describe it.

    If only I had the amount of talent you must possess in one of your fingers, I would be a very happy lady indeed.

  2. Love it Lisa, again she has a more grown up face, so different in shape to the others i have seen, interesting, perhaps you should ask who she is and listen for an answer? Keep us posted :-)

  3. This is lovely! I just love how you do the eyes, so soft!! Beautiful text too!! Lovely work!

  4. Lisa,
    She is so lovely! I love the feeling your work gives me when I view it.. I feel as if a calm peace encompasses me..

    Just beautiful :)


  5. oh my goodness! Your paintings are hauntingly beautiful! I came by way of Darla and your work is so lovely - you are so very talented! I will bookmark you immediately and come back time and time again- thank you for sharing your talent -

  6. Lisa, she is stunning! So lovely, great piece!!

  7. Thanks so much creative cuties! I really appreciate all your touching comments! :D

  8. I love it!The way its done on the wood just lovely.I would like to ask you, Im thinking over recovering an old cookbook.Could you tell me the best glue to use.I mean its a old betty crocker one,I guess you call it carboard,but what would be the best glue to add some nice material and maybe some lace.I would apppreciate it Lisa!Thanks!

  9. She is beautiful! Your paintings are always so calming for some reason~ I love that!

  10. She is just beautiful- and I love the message so much. I think the world would be a better place if we werent' so hard on ourselves and could learn to love ourselves. Nice job, she is just lovely!

  11. Love yourself, yeah!!!
    How wunderful is both the painting and the message, and it is so inspiering.

  12. A beautiful painting, and a beautiful message! I love what you do with textures Lisa. She is just gorgeous! oxoxox

  13. I really love all the detail in the painting. Excellent! :)

  14. I love it! I can't even describe with words how beautiful this is.
    I really love your style. I'm a huge fan :)

  15. Hi Lisa. She is beautiful and a little different than the usual. Her face seems more "grown up," and shaped differently. Either way, it is awesome as always. Take care.

  16. Lisa,
    I lost my words, really, she is awesome! And you are wonderful, I love the beauty of your spirit!
    Lots of love,
    Sanda xx

  17. Ooooh Lisa!!!!!

    She is just so beautiful! A very grown up girlie for sure! You've really created your own unique and very enchanting style Sweetie, and I sooooo love it! I know I'd be able to recognize one of your paintings anywhere! That's SUCH a good thing!!!

    Big Kindred Hugs,
    Paulette :):):)

  18. Hi, Lisa! Gorgeous painting! I love the texture and colors in the lettering of LOVE. And the sparkly dots and highlight around the word yourself. Super colors! :-)

  19. Really beautiful, love your work;o)

  20. Thanks so much for all your touching comments! I really appreciate the love! :)

  21. Lisa her face is amazing like you were looking at a angel while you were creating her. whoever has her to love is truly blessed.

    always love seeing your incredible work

  22. These pictures and words are deep and meaningfull, I think reading these each day would lead you along the right path---cottonreel

  23. Wow... Love...Love... Love this one!

  24. This one just speaks to my heart - she is sooo beautiful and soft! Your talent amazing and this is one amazing painting :-)



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