Friday, July 31, 2009

Imagine Inspire Dream

Here is my art journal page for today. Imagine Inspire Dream...words to live by for sure. I haven't been journaling as much as I would like to. This sweet girlie was created using a pen, watercolor pencils, white acrylic paint, & stamps.

Thank you Anne of for creating & passing "The Circle of Friends" Award! I was very honored to receive it again from Michelle of Thank you both so much!

Thank you Marbella of for passing on the "J'Adore tien Blog" Award!

Thank you Jo of for passing on the "International Bloggers Community" badge!

Jenny Carter of is having her first blog giveaway! She's giving away an adorable Gritty Jane style doll she created. You don't want to miss out on this!

Please check out all these lovely sites when you get a chance. Have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa :)


  1. Hi Lisa!

    I really LOVE the idea of an art journal, and I know YOUR book must hold such special things! :o) ... She's SO beautiful Lisa, I hope you make another of her to put in a frame!!!

    A big congratulations (YAY!!!) on all your wonderful awards Sweetie, you so deserve them all!

    I'll head on over to Jenny's a little later today...

    Kindred hugs,
    Paulette :):):)

  2. Oh I adore that face lisa.The blue eys and light hair.Just gorgeous!I hope soon I can go to your shop and pick out something to buy.Thanks for sharing this!Congrats on alllll the awards!

  3. Love the journal entry. Wow, I would love to see the whole thing! Thanks for the add, Good luck winning.

  4. Lisa, I LOVE your journal page, and I'm so glad to see you found some time to do this because I know it must feel so good to express yourself this way, and how beautiful! As are all your works. Congrats on your wonderful awards too! You are such an inspiration! oxoxoxox

  5. Wow - lots of well deserved awards!
    Well done :)
    Nic x

  6. congrats on all your awards! i'm not alone in thinking you are a wonderful artist!

  7. Hi Lisa, your artbook- page is awesome.
    Congrats to all your awards.
    Have a wonderful sunday

  8. Perfection! I love the way her eyes really stand out and you're drawn to them. Congrats on the awards!

  9. You really do such beautiful faces, Lisa!

  10. congratulations on your sweet awards, lisa! i just love your journal page! for some reason when i use a pen, watercolor pencils and some stamps, it doesn't seem to look nearly as great as yours....! i think you've got that wonderful "lisa" touch! :)

  11. This is beautiful, you have inspired me to start my own journal. I have what i call a visual diary where I just put all my ideas and paintings etc but i think it's such a good idea to do a journal. Life can be crazy at times and I find drawing and painting is just so therapeautic. She is gorgeous and i look forward to seeing another page!!

  12. Hi Lucky- Lisa.
    You are the winner of one of my giveaways. Congratulations!
    I need your adress, then I will send "The bookshop" to you.
    Have a nice sunday.

  13. Hi, Lisa! Beautiful art journal page! Love it! And congratulations on all your blog awards! :-)

  14. I will go and check them out!



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