Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I heart you

A big thanks to all of you who have come to follow me on this creative journey. I appreciate every single comment and message I receive with your support in my art. It means alot.

Thank you Crystal of http://funkyfairyshoppe.blogspot.com/ for passing on the "I Love your art blog" award. Crystal has alot of sweet goodies in her magical shop.

Thank you Lori of http://elviestudio.blogspot.com/ for passing on the "Spreader of Love" award. Lori creates the most charming handbound books. You have to check out her work.

I heart you.

It all begins with a little sketchy.

12" X 24" on stretched canvas

Gesso & acrylic to outline.

Prim inspired.

Sanded and distressed.

A crackle here, a crackle there.

Oil pastels for shading certain areas.

Metallic paints to highlight.

Overall, made with love... cause I heart you. :)


  1. So pretty, Lisa! Does the gesso give that thick texture like that? I love your sweet angel faces.

  2. hi lisa! we heart you, too!! your artwork is so beautiful and i'm always so thankful when you share your time-consuming, labor of love process with us! :)

  3. Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful,Bee U TEE FULL! I like to use metallics, too!

  4. Oh Lisa, You're just amazing! This is beautiful. You are so talented my friend. Love your choice of color. Love it!

  5. thanks for sharing your process with us, it's really great to see how you make your art. I love your beautiful pictures! Such sweetness!

  6. I heart you, too...and all of your beautiful paintings! I love the sketch and how you finish it with so much detail! You are amazing!

  7. Thanks so much creative cuties! I really enjoyed making this piece.

    Cris- Gesso does in fact give a nice texture. Depending on the thickness you apply, the gesso gives you a great surprise when it dries. Have fun using it.

    Creative Blessings,
    Lisa :)

  8. it's great to see the progression Lisa.... she's very pretty....

  9. Beautiful!!! I love that you explained what you did...great work!

  10. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and ANGELIC peice...I love it !!!

  11. What a treasure...one day I'll buy and original...it'll be my very own treasure!

  12. I just love the colors you use Lisa. You are so talented. Thx for sharing. Take care.

  13. This is stunning Lisa, i would love to see this on my wall :-) You deserve your awards too x

  14. Fantastic painting, full of warmth and love!!

    Micki x

  15. This is so beautiful Lisa. I love the primness of it. Lots of details too.

  16. WOW, she is absolutely beautiful!!! I enjoyed seeing some of the steps you take, you know how much I admire your art :) I am hoping that Reverie will arrive today, can't wait to see her in person.

  17. I love the progress pics! You painting turned out great!

  18. You did a great job, she is beautiful. xoxox

  19. I heart you!
    I heart your art!

    She looks a little bit like me! :D

    Great structure / texture.

    ♥ visit me at www.afiori.com

  20. Incredibly beautiful! And cute, too! What a sweeetheart she - and you, are! :o)

    *Love and Light*

  21. I love the one you did of DREAM a while back. Will you be making another? I missed bidding on it.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  22. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments!

    Yuki- I hope to create more paintings similar to the "Dream" painting in the near future. I do plan on selling prints of the original on Etsy as well. Thanks for your interest in my art! :)

  23. Oh, I'd be very interested in a print of this one, indeed.

    Also, I'm giving the pay it forward an opening for three more (actually I have one spot open, if you want the other one)?

    go to my comments section and email me your snail mail addy, via email.

    Bairbre Aine



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