Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Tokens of Love

This is the Valentine's swap I created & sent out for my PWGL group.

A hand-stitched heart ornie entitled "Queen of Hearts".

This Valentine's swap was open to all crafters. We were asked to create any heart shaped, handcrafted, Valentine's item - and use any medium and any colors we liked- as long as the finished piece was small enough to fit into a 5X5 inch box.

My sweet swap buddy Katie surprised me with a lovely amount of goodies.

My treasure box was full of L. O. V. E.! So many thoughtful treats. I love it! She knitted me an adorable heart shaped pincushion I am already using.

Thanks again Katie! :)


  1. wow...It is very beautiful Lisa! I love the shade of colors you used.

  2. Gorgeous . . . just GORGEOUS! and like ButterCup (above), I love the colors.

  3. How lovely Lisa, yours and the lovelies you were sent. Happy Valentines day x

  4. This heart is so lovely and cute and beautiful...

    Wish you a happy Valentine!



  5. hi lisa! you must have had a great time stitching this beautiful little queen of hearts! i've been wanting to create something like this for a while now, and you've inspired me to get started! :)

  6. Oh my gosh the heart you made is just so cute!!
    I love it!!

    Micki x

  7. Oooh, you got some very cute things, and the heart you made was beautiful!

  8. Hi Lisa. That is a beautiful heart. You are quite talented, your skills are many. What you received was great as well.Thx for sharing.

  9. I love the gift you received and I love the gift you gave. Just as pretty as can be in pink! I also want to mention that your newest painting is beautiful as always!


  10. BEAUTIFUL heart! And I like all your goodies. Enjoy!

  11. Oh your heart is so beautiful, and what a lovely box of goodies you received too. xxx



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