Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm a OWOH Winner too!

One World One Heart 2009 was a great experience to have participated in. There are still so many blogs that I have yet to visit. I wish I had the chance to enter all 911 giveaways but time was a big factor, in which there was not enough.

Shariyah of chose my name as first prize winner. Yay me! I won an art block print of my choice. It was such a hard decision to make. You'll understand when you check out Shariyah's fabulous art & blog.

I was also gifted another sweet first prize from Stefania of It's a handmade angel doll also published in Quilting Art Magazine. Yay me, again! Such an adorable creation! You can find more creative treats from Stefania here.

Thanks again so much! I can't wait to receive my goodies! :)


  1. Lucky you! :o)
    I'm awaiting a parcel from Australia myself. ~ My stroke of luck in the OWOH gave me this one prize. :o) No chance to visit all blogs in such a short time, considering all 911 participants! Blogging takes time, espescially finding new blogs, ~ I like to look around! It's good then, that the OWOH website will keep the list on 2009's participants available for six months so that we get the chance to visit all, if we want. :o)

    Have a nice day! :o) Love, Hege

  2. Congratulations with your prizes!!
    Both so beautiful!!



  3. How exciting! Congratulations! OWOH was SO much fun! That's how I found YOU! Thanks for the links! So many talented ladies!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations! maybe you can win one
    Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...see you there!

  5. Congratulations on your wins!!!
    This event was a blast!!!

  6. Congrats on your winnings!
    It was a super event, so many new blogs to discover :-)

  7. Congratulations Lisa. Those are really beautiful gifts. Hope you win many more contests. Have a great week.

  8. hi lisa! congratulations on your new pieces of art!! they are really fabulous! :)

  9. wow just found your fantastic blog..
    really really glad to find you...
    have a great week..
    mona & the gaffer girls

  10. Hi Lisa, great news, your dolls arrived this morning and they are so beautiful! I cannot believe just how much work and love as gone into these two beauties!
    Thank you so much. Loved the little card you wrote on also! A little extra love from you!
    Totally happy!
    I am hoping you will be receiving the angels shortly, if not already?
    Keep me posted! I hope they don't take too long? 11 days so far. Usually 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, very soon?
    I have placed a thank you post on my blog!
    Luv and hugs!


  11. hi lisa! i just nominated you for the "Spreader of Love" award! details are over at my blog! :)



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