Tuesday, September 28, 2010


It's been hot here. I enjoy the weather much more when
it's a little colder. I can surely live with the high winds, the fog
doesn't bother me a bit and rainy days seem to always make me smile.

That's why living in San Francisco has always been perfect for me.
But when we get days like the last few we've had here...
long and very hot... it gets a little difficult for me to function.

Surprisingly, I did manage to finish a new painting.
Like I mentioned on my last post, I was working on
a couple of things, but those had to be put on hold for
a bit. My muse led me to create this one instead.

Hope you guys like her. I plan to list her on ebay
later on today. Starting at 99 cents. (sold, thanks!)

Also, I received more etsy love recently. Yay!

My witch painting was magically chosen for the"Blessed Be This Witchery" collection. Thanks again Myra!

And my angel painting was selected for this sweet "Harvest Chic"
collection. Thanks again FineAndFunkyJewelry!

Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist is hosting her annual
Halloween party again! I had such a spooktacular
time participating last year and will be joining in
the fun again. Come and sign up for the fun too!

To check out my party post from last year, click here.

Thanks so much for all the special comments from my
last post! I really appreciate your visits!

Lisa :)


  1. She is beautiful and I love the colour on her lips!!

    Micki x

  2. Lisa she is so lovely! The colors are so rich and beautiful! Love her! The eyes are amazing! I love how you paint your eyes!

    And I too am not a big fan of the hot weather. Here in NY we have been in an unusual hot/humid spell for the past few days. Yuck! By late September we are supposed to be cooling off. Hopefully soon!

    Always look forward to your posts! :)

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for joining my blog, I'm honored as you are a particularly talented artist. I've just recently joined BWBA and the Halloween Queens, and I'm totally new to groups. I hope I can get some pointers from you in regards to selling/promoting my stuff. Mostly I've been following you because of your style and painting abilities (which I sadly need help with), but there is just a sense of wonder and fantasy about your art, so that's why I'm following you! Have a great day.


  4. Oh wow Lisa Scarlett is a wonderful angel.
    The crackle effect absolutely perfect. Your painting art is so unique and beautiful. Love it.

    Have a lovely week my dear friend.

  5. This is a stunning painting Lisa. It reminds me of some I saw last week. I was on a short break in Valencia and visited one of the many churches and gazed in awe at 500-year-old paintings. I am always bowled over by the age - they look so fresh still with rich colours. It's strange though how they paint the babies and cherubs - with such adult faces that they look odd and out of place. Apparently it's to denote wisdom??
    Anyway - the background you have captures the richness of the masters I saw last week. Great job!!

  6. This is beautiful!!! Love the deep red in this and her eyes are gorgeous! You manage to use that crackle effect to perfection!!! Beautiful piece!

  7. Lisa, you always paint such beautiful faces!:-)

  8. I love the new painting. She is beautiful and the rich colors match the new season! I love a cool rainy day too. I feel like I get the most accomplished when it is dreary out! Here's to rainy, chilly weather!

  9. she is so very lovely!

  10. Hi Lisa, What a beautiful face... well all your faces are beautiful! You are so lucky to live in SF, Florida is hot and humid 8 months out of the year!!! its still stinking hot and its already fall! I love the rain too! I feel so happy when its gloomy outside! I'm glad to know other people like it too! have a great week. :DPatti

  11. Scarlett is absolutely stunning, Lisa. As always, you have created such a vision of loveliness. I'm excited that you're taking part in Vanessa's Halloween party - I will be, too. :) Theresa

  12. Love Scarlett. :) I envy you your hot weather. We have rain coming over the weekend again.

  13. Beautiful!! I too really love the way you paint eyes. And Iove the rich, warm colors and of course the textures!

    Happy Friday!

  14. I hope the extreme heat has lifted. I can see fire,deep red and hot influences in your painting - it's interesting how our environment can show up in our art.

  15. Oh my goodness, I am insanely excited - I just won Scarlett on ebay. Eeee!



  16. Sweet Lisa, I hope the temps stay cool for you now, even though I can see the heat has no baring on your ability to create lovely things! Scarlet is sooo very beautiful! I love her sweet face, the rich colors in this painting and that crackle is so pretty...I remember your fun post from last year's Halloween party. I can't wait for this year! Congratulations to you for being selected to be part of those lovely collections, Sweetie!
    xoxo's Paulette :):):)



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