Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Fall

Hello lovely bloggers! I know it's been awhile, so I wanted to
share my creative update with you. I have been taken over by
my muse and let's face it, that's never a bad thing. Besides
everyday life, creating has been keeping me a busy bee.

In honor of Autumn's arrival, here is my "Harvest Angel". She's
holding a cute little pumpkin close to her heart to bless the sweet
event. You can find her now listed in my etsy shop here.

My Harvest Angel was also just added to a sweet Etsy treasury called "Rainy Angel.. Artisans all, Part Deux".  You can see the lovely collection here. Thanks again Deb!

I always have multiple paintings in progress when I create.
I just can't help it. My imagination just takes over.

This cutie angel was done on a 5" X 5" X 1.5" canvas
using mixed media including 3D paint.
(Sold, thanks!)

I love the way this one turned out. The words
"Believe in Yourself" was added using a rub-on transfer
directly onto her halo. You can also find her now in my etsy
shop here.


for passing on "The Versatile Blogger Award". Thanks again so much!


I didn't want to forget to share these three paintings as well.
Not blogging as often as I would like tends to pile up the
unshared creations. (All Sold, thanks!)

I attached a metal charm that says "Enjoy the Journey",
a little reminder for me is always good.

I attached a ribbon trim to the top of this piece.

And as you may notice, I am all over the place when it comes
to painting my girlies. I enjoy painting different faces along
with different styles all the time. It keeps the creative juices

The crackle on this one is very rich with touchable texture.
You can find her now on ebay here. (sold, thanks!)

And the final painting I wanted to share is my "Dream" Angel.
I love the texture on this one. The bluish tones really pop in person,
especially her hair.

You can also now find her on ebay here. (sold, thanks!)

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I really appreciate your constant words of love, motivation and
encouragement. It warms my heart all over. Thank you!

At the moment, my muse continues to inspire away. I'm currently working on a couple of larger pieces among other things. Hopefully
I'll be able to share them faster than I did with all these above.

Creative Blessings and Happy Fall to you all!

Lisa :)


  1. Oh Lisa, these are all so beautiful!!--They make my heart smile :)

  2. OH Lisa!!!!!!! You have been busy and as usual, in a gorgeous, angelic way. Your girls are always so cute. Such talent! Thanks for sharing!

  3. They are beautiful Lisa as always...Love your work. Have a great weekend xoxox

  4. Hi Lisa! My you have been a busy girl! These are all so amazingly beautiful!! Love them all!!

  5. Lovely Lisa as always.Im admiring your handstitched items, they are just so adorable.Thanks for sharing your lovely things!

    Have a Beautiful weekend!

  6. Lisa wow, what for wonderful new painting pieces.
    Absolutely beautiful.
    Big applause and standing ovation from me.
    Have a lovey weekend dear friend.

  7. Lisa, they are all so beautiful! Someday I'm going be able to purchase one of your paintings. I love the harvest angel! The "believe in yourself" one is just perfect. :)

  8. I have to agree, your muse is alive and well and this post overflows with the beauty you have been creating. Each piece is oh so lovely~

  9. Gorgeous paintings as usual! I love the variety of colors and styles. LOVE the crackle background. wow. So hard to pick a favorite. I love your work.


  10. Yay Lisa...I adore Harvest Angel..she is beautiful and inspiring...all your pieces.are..I so love when you share your creative spirit..thanks for sharing all your beauties!!
    Happy Autumn Kindred!

  11. These angels all look divine! :) Love the cracle and love the blue angel.

  12. I love your angels. How lovely. They are so peaceful.


  13. Lisa, your angels are so beautiful. Each one I see I covet ...and then I see the next one! I love how you change them, but retain that soft, mystical quality in each portrait. So beautiful!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday - I appreciate your support.

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend.



  14. Beautiful angels. I really love your blog and your produtcs.

  15. you have been so creative! it's wonderful when you feel inspired, and can't stop. I'm kind of in the middle right now. Love the girls of course, and the variety. You are building up quite the collection!

  16. These are so very nice. I am still busy crocheting. apliqueing and making flowerettes on the blocks to put together.
    Hope the spread turns out after all this work lol

  17. Lisa these are stunning! You are forgiven for taking so long in between posts when you show up with this amount of treasure to share. Amazing work.


  18. I've missed your posts - but look at all the incredible beauty you've been creating! Thank you for sharing all of them. :) And congrats on having your lovely angel appear in a treasury. :) Keep following your muse - it's leading to such lovely creations! Theresa

  19. Oh my goodness, Lisa, you've just been creating away!!! Each and every painting is just beautiful! I love how they're all different but still all very "Lisa"! Those sweet faces with their perfect features, and beautiful expressions just melt my heart! are just something else!!! xoxo's Paulette :):):)

  20. i love all these - you are so talented :D



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