Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whimsical Wednesday

Hello lovely bloggers! I can't believe it's been over two weeks
since my last post. How did that happen? Well...soon after that
post, I got the head cold that refused to go away. The type of
cold where your head feels like it's going to implode when you
cough just a little bit. Ouchie! I am soooo glad to finally be free
of that and also excited to be back here in blogland with all of you
creative cuties. With that in mind, please forgive my tardy responses
to all your special emails and comments. I really appreciate all your
lovely messages and I can't wait to visit all your magical sites and see
what you've been up to.

As for me, I sketched this out sometime last year and totally forgot about it until recently. That is so me. I have tons of sketches just
itching to be painted. I'm definitely glad I found it because I had alot
of fun creating this piece.

Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

Lisa :)


  1. ohhh, love the house ladies :D

  2. Glad you're feeling better and back in blogland! *smiles* Those are some cuties in your latest creations Lisa.

  3. It's almost like Christmas when you find a piece of work you started a while ago and then find some time later. I enjoy your paintings and this one is darling!
    ~ Iva

  4. Oh Lisa, I ,ove it.
    Your work is so unique and inspiring. I love them.

  5. Lisa - you are back! So sorry you were ill, but I'm really glad you're feeling better. It is never fun to be sick this time of year. :) This piece is lovely! It's so playful and warm! A wonderful mother to daughter kind of gift. :) Take care! Theresa

  6. Happy to hear that youre feeling better :) Cute new painting too! :)

  7. These are so cute. I wondered where you had been lately--hadn't seen any new posts come up on my blog list. Glad you are better and back to creating!

  8. Yay...welcome back..glad you feel all sparkly again! this one..beautiful art..gorgeous and inspiring! It is fun to go through old sketches and will always find magic!
    have a fabulous day!

  9. This is so wonderful, Lisa--I love it!!

  10. How cute...and different! I love your imagination and the faces of your pretty girls! ♥

  11. What a unique and gorgeous illustration Lisa!!! I love it!!!!

    big hugs!!!

  12. These faces are so beautiful!!!!


  13. Lisa, so glad you are feeling better, summer colds are definitely NOT enjoyable (LOL, kind of a stupid comment as no cold is enjoyable, but somehow summer ones seem worse).

    Love your little house gals - they are enchanting.


  14. Hi! Good to hear you're ok. :) This piece is magical!

  15. Love this one Lisa !! Interesting colors. Great job.

  16. They are magical! I'm so glad to hear that you're over your fun to be sick, especially in the summer.

  17. I like this a lot. If you said to someone you'd stuck smiling heads on top of houses they would probably think you were nuts - but it so works!!

  18. Love to see ya back!!! Love your creations! They are beautiful reflections of you Lisa! oxoxo Zinnia

  19. Glad you are felling better This is different
    Very nicely done.

  20. Glad to hear you are feeling better! You sound much like me with stacks of sketchs waithing to be painted. We are like squirrels with nuts, we get them and then forget where they are or that we have them heehee

  21. It is very cute Lisa! I know what you mean about a head cold, I had the flu last week and it still is lingering! I'm glad you're feeling better! :D Patti

  22. Hello Sweetie Pie!

    I'm so sorry you were under the weather with a nasty cold. I know that horrible feeling of not wanting to cough for fear of head implosion!...that's so not fun!

    I'm glad you found some creative time, and knowing you, it helped you to feel much better! Even a nasty head cold, didn't keep your creative thoughts from flowing! This piece is soooo adorable! Such cute houses and those girlie faces are so sweet! What an imagination you have, Lisa! I love it!

    Kindred hugs always,
    xoxo Paulette :) :) :)

  23. I love how they're holding hands with the little heart dangling between them!

  24. hello sunshine! i'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better.....that crummy cold could not have been much fun!! i can't even begin to tell you how much i adore this piece,'s creative, imaginative, sweet, playful, whimsical.....well, i would say, it's magnificent.....just like YOU, sweetness!!!
    xox, :))

  25. Hi, Lisa! Beautiful piece! I love how you combined the faces with the houses! Very original and whimsical and fun! :-)



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