Thursday, July 22, 2010

Art Journal Entry

It's been awhile since I played in my art journal.
This page was surely inspired by our visit to the King Tut
exhibition last year at the de Young Museum. The way
everything was displayed was perfect. It really brought me
to another world. So...why so long for the inspiration to kick in?
Well, I was flipping through pages in my journal and saw another
one of those unfinished sketches and I couldn't help myself. I
wanted to experiment with my 3D paints and see if it would
hold well on my pages. It did and the touchable texture it
created is fabulous!

I also wanted an encaustic look without having to warm up
my beeswax, so I added layers of mod podge with a bit of
white paint and went to town with my heat gun. It created
just the primitive look I was going for.

This journal entry is called "Uncaged Heart". I really like
the way it turned out. My art journal is where I enjoy
experimenting and I hope you are inspired to do the same.
Thanks for coming to visit! Have fun with your creativity! :)


  1. She's gorgeous, Lisa! Definitely has a Cleopatra feel to it. Dramatic and I love all the 3-d elements you added! Have a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  2. I really like the way it turned out as WELL, Lisa! Niiiiiice . . . very NICE! I can feel the texture through my computer monitor *smiles*

  3. Hi, Lisa! Such a fabulous journal spread! I love, love, LOVE the dimensional paint! Soooooo beautiful! :-)

  4. Your 3D paints looks great, as well as the modge podge and white paint heated with a heat gun--that's a new one!

  5. Gotta love 3d paints :) I just got a set for my birthday and cant wait to play with them! :) Oh by the way, I got the somerset gallery magazine that features your work...VERY cool and congrats!

  6. Lisa, the 3D paints give such an awesome look to this. Fabulous!


  7. Gosh this is brilliant.
    Unbelievable painting Lisa. You are very talented. Awesome.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear.

  8. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate your visits! I had a blast creating this journal entry. :)

  9. I really love this journal entry! The 3D paint shows beautifuly.

  10. What a gorgous piece of art! It really does have the look of beeswax, thanks for sharing your techniques.

  11. She's awesome. Love the texture and primitive look. Would be great if one can touch it and feel 3D lines.
    It's so inspiring to visit your blog.

  12. Thank you for sharing this technique Lisa!! A very different technique with the Mod Podge--I'm going to have to try this --thank you again!!

  13. I have never seen 3-d paints but love what you have done with them. Great idea to use the gel medium to create an encaustic look.

  14. Some really cool and interesting effects you achieved there. Quite a mystical feel to it... Lovely :)

  15. She is lovely! You've given me some inspiration I'm in desperate need of at the moment. Thanks for sharing this journal entry!

  16. This is beautiful. It is so much fun to play in our journals isn't it? Hugs to you.

  17. Wow! Just found you through Kelly's blog. Your work is amazing! This page is stunning, and thanks for sharing your faux encaustic technique... I will have to try that! I just want to reach through the screen to touch this! What kind of 3-D paints did you use? I've never tried them, but want to find some now!!

  18. Hi, I'm back. Yup, I'm now a follower. You are truly inspiring and I can't wait to see more!!

  19. Good grief, Lisa...I had to look up that word "encaustic"!! That was a new one for me! Well, she most certainly has that look, AND, she's stunning! Her eyes are glasslike (I love, love, love, the way you do eyes!) and your design across the top of her hair is just so beautiful! Another gorgeous piece, sweetie!
    xoxo's Paulette ;)

  20. I love the technique you achieved in your journal! I was wondering what kind of journal do you use for this kind of work?

    Thank you for sharing your process.

    -Laura P.

  21. Thanks Lisa for opening up and sharing your journal with us! I like what you said about experimenting with your journal ~ I have never thought of it that way before. Blessings ~ katie

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  23. Hi Lisa,
    Love love this painting.
    will you be taking Willowings free course?
    I am checking into it now!
    Happy you are on the blog hopping hop!
    I found you on my page..great to see your work once again!

  24. She's stunning!! so beautiful and dramatic looking, gorgeous work!!

    Micki x

  25. I love it . You are so diligent to do things every day.Thats a true artist.:)

  26. Your comments really make my day! Thank you so so much!

    Emakesart - Tulip has a wide selection of 3D paints to use! Have fun!

    Laura - There are so many journals you can use. Moleskine has a great selection. Also, my talented friend Lori of Elvie Studio makes the most lovely blank slate watercolor journals. Just click on her button on my side bar.

    Lisa :)

  27. Your little red heart has BIG impact. That tiny splash of red really pops - I love how its both vibrant and quiet.

  28. i love the texture on this one - gorgeous :D

  29. Lisa,
    Yes, it is WONDERFUL! Love it and you have inspired me a great deal! Off to play.
    Thank you.

  30. She is so unique; I love your creative experiment!
    It worked, wonderfully~ She is definitely regal looking~xXx

  31. This is the most beautiful piece! You are the best!



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