Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hello lovely bloggers! I've been meaning to post for awhile
now but life sometimes just wont give me the time. For most
of the month I've been diving into some crafty spring
cleaning. I thought it would be quick and simple but boy was
I wrong. Organizing individual things from papers, fabrics,
paints, fibers, embellishments, you name it... wasn't that
bad, but finding the perfect spots to place everything became
my dilemma.

How did my art supplies grow like that? (Mental Note: Must
stay away from craft stores) I had to get more shelving units,
storage bins and trays to make it all happen. Labeling this
and that just to make it all easier for me. It also seems
like we've been moving more furniture around lately than
supplies. I finally have it almost the way I want it but I
know it will still be an on-going work in process.

It doesn't help that my work area keeps getting messy
due to the fact that I can't stop myself from creating as
this cleaning process goes on and on. What's a girl to do?
I know I can't be the only one, right? When your muse
inspires you to paint/ just gotta! :)

I recently finished up this mixed media painting on wood.
As you can see, I couldn't stay away from playing with
canvas flowers again too.

I had alot of fun creating touchable textures all around the
canvas. Adding layers upon layers of paint, then sanding and
distressing for the primitive appearance I like. I used
3D paint for the stems. I always enjoy feeling all the textures.

This metal "grow" charm is what inspired the painting in the
first place. And just by chance, it was happening to my
art supplies too.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!
Happy Blogging and Creative Blessings to you!
Lisa :)


  1. Oh Lisa, this is lovely. I can so relate. My art supplies are everywhere! Chronically in need of a tidy but nowhere to put it. Oh well. I love them to bits.

    Have a lovely creative day,

    (Marshmallow Beanie)

  2. Wow Lisa this absolutely stunning.
    Brilliant and unique work.

    Have a sunny day.

  3. Gorgeous angel, Lisa! The flowers are stunning. Love it!

  4. Great work as always Lisa. Life it all about growing and tending. I can relate to the untidy craft area too. I do try hard to put things away when i've finished but it doesn't take much for it to get so untidy again. So many bits and pieces of half done things sat waiting to be used lol. Have a great day :)

  5. Lovely!! Those flowers are marvelous!

  6. Thank you for this creation, Lisa. I love using texture too--what kind of 3D paint did you use, and how is it to use--I've never tried it before.

  7. Beautiful piece and I love the flowers!!

  8. The painting is so beautiful!! I love your creativity. These are my favorite colors and the texture that the flowers give the picture are perfect!!

    Excellent Work Lisa!!

  9. Hi Lisa..this is gorgeous...and yes textures add that extra dimension to the whole vibe of a creation..magnificent work! She is a beauty! I am in the process of cleaning and reorganzing my space too..and doing a makeover..yes..stay away fomr the craft stores lol!! Again..this is a gorgeous creation...full of spirit and magic and light..!Fabulous!!

  10. I so love this piece!! Well I love all your works of art but this piece speaks to me as I could see it hanging in my soon to arrive granddaughter's room. Love, love, love!

  11. Hi There, I was captured by this lovely angel! had to come by and say hi, She's gorgeous, love the textures and flowers, well,everything! I am the same except I can never get my art studio thoroughly clean I get 5 minutes into it and i find something I had lost or forgotten and almost always gets me inspired and then I forget I was cleaning, Sigh! I'm glad I'm not the only one though! ha ha! have great day!

  12. those canvas flowers are gorgeous - love how your work is dimensional :D

  13. Thank you creative ladies! I really appreciate your lovely messages. Yes, so glad to know I'm not the only person going through this.

    Diane- Working with 3D paints is so much fun. The brands Tulip and Folk Art have such a great selection to use. Have fun creating!

    Lisa :)

  14. Brilliant as always Lisa! Love it! You always mix all my favorite elements together and take my breath away! oxoxxo Zinnia

  15. Wow, Lisa! What a beautiful angel! I love those flowers - they add such a special touch to the piece. I can completely relate to the overabundance of crafting supplies - and my space gets very messy to me as I set about creating some new piece. The cycle just keeps repeating itself! LOL Theresa

  16. No you're definitely not the only one! And the painting dear girl, it's just beautiful. You're so talented with colors. My love to you...

  17. This is a beautiful piece I love the textures and materials you have in there, I know how you feel too, we're about to embark on some renovations which at the end will see me finally getting my own work area for my art! I can't wait but I'm so impatient as it's getting done while we're away on holiday and I'm desperate to keep painting hehehe ah well once it's all done I'll be happy!!

  18. I wish someone would come and clean up my house for me, it's a tip right now :)

    Your latest piece of art is stunning, those flowers are so pretty!!

    Micki x

  19. I had to giggle because you sound like me. I decided I'd do a "quick" cleaning of my art supply closet..HA! I now have a neater (took forever) closet, and a messier work area since I was saying things like "OH, gotta use this, hmmm I can work on this, Got a great idea.." while trying to clean. Oh well, as a fellow artist once told me "A clean work area is the sign of a sick mind" >:)

  20. Hi, Lisa! I know what it is like to realize your artsy supplies are spilling out everywhere and you can't find what you want! It is totally worth it to go through it all, sort and organize it again, and maybe release some things that no longer suit you. And it does take a while, doesn't it? Glad you are able to continue painting and making new art, while also organizing. That's the best way, in my opinion! Good luck! :-)

  21. Your angel is a vision; really stunning! My Muse
    is mad at me; She has been interrupted all week.
    I have been trying to clean my space and like you I wonder, how did the craft store, take over my space! lol

    Love the word GROW; very beautiful~

  22. The painting is beautiful! I love the canvas flowers. I have a couple yards of canvas leftover from my daughter's art class. I may have to try something with it. Hmmm.

  23. Wow! I am, as always, blown away by the beauty of your pieces. I wish I had the bravery to work in layers like this; you have such an incredible eye for what goes together just perfectly!
    Have an amazing day!

  24. In order to "grow" you have to sometimes dig into the dirt - that means getting dirty right? It looks like you dug in deep while creating this lovely layered piece.

  25. your angel is absolutely gorgeous, lisa! and i love those little canvas perfect with this! very sweet artwork created by the very sweet miss lisa artist!!! xox, :))

  26. Hi Lisa, this is so lovely! And yes, your textures really make your paintings special and unique!

  27. Oh Lisa! She's such a beautiful angel, and this is such a beautiful piece! I love your flowers with their special centers and the colors you used are so pretty and soothing. The lace up on the top is so perfect also! There's always so much to look at in your gorgeous artwork!...I know however hard I try, staying away from the craft stores just doesn't work, so my advice is...just keep buying more bins and shelves, and enjoy lots more trips to the craft stores!!! hee hee hee! Have a great day, Sweet Girl!

    Kindred xoxo's
    Paulette :) :) :)

  28. Hi Lisa!
    It's so beautiful!
    The flowers are gorgeous ,I love them and the texture is fabulous.
    Lovely artworh indeed.
    Nanah from Portugal



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