Friday, April 9, 2010

Art in Bloom

Hello Kindred Cuties! Thanks so much for your touching
comments on my last post! I really appreciate all the love
you give me here in blogland. If I haven't already, I'll be
visiting you as soon as possible. I always look forward to
seeing what all my lovely bloggers have been up to. :)

As for me, I've been quite a busy bee. Above are photos of
one my latest projects. It's an art doll in bloom! I've just
listed her as well as some prints from older paintings I've
done in my etsy shop.

Here is another stitched project that I recently finished up too.
I was very honored to "create" this for a special & talented
artist here in blogland. I really enjoyed doing this commission
for her. Thanks again sweetie! :)

That's what I have for now. I am playing around with more
fun projects. I do hope to get back on track and post more
often than not. Again, I'll be coming your way as soon as I can.
Thanks so much for your visit as always! Wishing you all a
beautiful weekend!

Creative Blessings! :)


  1. Lisa, you have been busy, love both peices :)

  2. Wowee...these are wickedly cool and so super charming! Just gorgeous Lisa! What enchanting lovelies!! Fabulous work!
    Have a super wonderful day! You are a super-creatrix!

  3. Love the new projects! Your banners are so beautiful!

  4. I loveeee the art in bloom.How sweet is that.So adorable Lisa,thanks so much for sharing this.Im going to go over and check her out.

  5. Oh wow wow wow wow Lisa this is absolutely darling.
    Love this gorgeous flower.

    Have a sunny weekend my dear.

  6. I truly love your work!I feel like I could surround myself in all of it and never get tired of it.

  7. This is so sweet!! Love the banner also.

  8. hi lisa! your new projects are fabulous! i just love your little art doll in bloom.....what a sweet idea (you're always SO creative!!!). and your new banner is adorable.....i love all of the sweet stitches and sparkly things!!! happy weekend to you!! xox, :))

  9. Your art doll is terrific Lisa! So beautiful! And your new banner is gorgeous, she's going to love it!

  10. I love both of these! Such lovely stitch work!

  11. Oh I'm the first to comment on this lovely post! I am going crazy over your beautiful creations! that flower is so pretty, so "why didn't I think of that"...and the hearts..your stitching is perfectly done, wonderfully spaced....great tension....i love it, everything!

    thanks for sharing, and for beeeing so busy!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Lisa, your flower art doll is lovely! You paint the most beautiful faces! I also really, really like the Create banner you made.

    You have been busy!



  13. Oh my goodness. I love the felt Create. So beautiful. I am new to this, found your blog via Lori's. Check mine out sometime. You do fantastic things with a needle and thread.

  14. Hello Lisa! What a beautiful art doll. I love her sweet face and the colors you used. Such a gorgeous spring piece. The custom creation you made is so pretty - a magical word to live by. Enjoy the rest of your wonderful weekend! Theresa :)

  15. Wonderful! Especially love the flower. Her face is georgous!

  16. Hi, Lisa! Love your "create" banner! So pretty! :-)

  17. Oh Lisa!!! You've done it again Sweetie! Your art doll is sooo beautiful! Such a sweet face and surrounded by all those perfectly pink petals...I love it! You always come up with such great, original ideas!!!...And your banner, well you know how much I love those! I LOVE MINE SOOOO MUCH!!! Lots of hugs to you, Sweetie! xoxo Paulette

  18. Hello darlin girl! You know, when I see that you've commented on a post of mine, well I feel uplifted. It's like reading a note from a loving close friend....thank you...

  19. You are so multi talented and I love that you find the time to do all these different things, brilliant work!!

    Micki x

  20. Dear Lisa, the Create- garland is beyond beautiful. I saw one you made some time ago on Paulettes blog, and I was totaly amazed.
    And "ART IN BLOOM", that is sooooo phantastic. You are so gifted and talented.

  21. I am truly impressed. These are beautiful.
    GOOD JOB!!! :)

  22. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks for your comment and visit in my blog.
    A beautiful heart ,and a wonderful flower too.
    I also like the colour.
    A great week.
    nanah of Portugal.

  23. hi Lisa
    I love your dolls and crafts.Im making dolls and rolief too.With my best wishes from Turkey



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