Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Many Thanks!

Thank you Chrisy! These are the magical goodies I won from Chrisy
of Chrisy has a monthly
giveaway open to all her followers and I was very lucky to be her
giveaway winner for January. She randomly selects a winner at
the end of each month and sends out a special mystery prize.

I've been following Chrisy for awhile and her blog is always a
treat to visit. She shares the most beautiful photos of art,
collections & so much more. Eye candy ALERT! Please visit Chrisy
when you get a chance. Besides her monthly giveaway, she is
actually having another sweet giveaway that ends on Saturday!
You don't want to miss it! You can also find her special art for
sale here.

Thanks again for all my fabulous gifts, Chrisy! I love them!

I was given this sweet bloggy award awhile back from Chloe of Thank you Chloe!

And as for my participation with OWOH, I'm a winner too!
Yay, me! I have to admit that I didn't get a chance to visit
all 1100+ giveaways. With the list of blog links still up, I
really hope to visit all the remaining sites.

I still can't believe I won any OWOH giveaway, but I did!
My oh my, I won 10 giveaways!!! Jumping up and down here!
The following are the links to my special prizes. I can't
wait to receive them all!

1. Thank you Andie!

2. Thank you Antonella!

3. Thank you Sandy!

4. Thank you Minxy!

5. Thank you Vania!

6. Thank you Tina!

7. Thank you Naomi!

8. Thank you Maureen!

9. Thank you Lorri!

10. Thank you Dolores!
which is her group blog where I won and her blog

I feel super *L*U*C*K*Y* to have won all these magical
giveaways! Please check out all these lovely sites when you
get a chance! Thanks again so so so much!!!

Big Hugs,
Lisa :D


  1. Congratulations Lisa! Both on your blog award and also on your giveaway wins! I was fortunate to win some of the One World One Heart giveaways as well, and I'll be mentioning each and every one in a post very soon.
    Have a great evening!!! :) Theresa

  2. Thanks for the link to Christy's blog Lisa - I love the giveaway you won! Congrats on you OWOH wins too! That is awesome!


  3. Congratulations Lisa!!!!You were so lucky and I am happy about it! I found the OWOH thanks to you and I found lovely blogs. I won one adorable giveaway too but moreover I want lots of new blogs in my reader!

    Hugs and kisses!

  4. Really you are a girl of a lot of luck!.
    I never won anything.. nor those draw of the school nor bakery chicken.. ahahahaha
    Congratulations sweet Lisa!

  5. Hey! Congratulations... it was fun! I won a few too.

  6. Wow, That was an awesome prize! I'll be sure to check out her blog. ;-)

  7. Wow.... it's your lucky week.... quick, run straight out and and buy a lottery ticket!!

  8. Hi Lisa, just another friend of Renee' your comment from tonight and wanted to thank you for the gift you have for her precious Josephine. What a lovely friend you are to Renee. Such a Holy Mission you were given. Sending you all my love, Deborah

  9. Aw honey it was so exciting to click on your blog and see my 'stuff' in the photos! Thank you darlin for your gratefulness... You are treasured...

  10. What a lovely surprise after your OWOH prizes. I didn't visit anywhere near the full list of participants, but I'm hoping to meander my way to most of them.

  11. Hi Lucky- girl
    I wish you a great sunday

  12. Wonderful goodies and congrats too!

  13. congrats on your wins, Lisa! Wow!! I thought I did well with 5 wins last won 10?!? Very well done!! :)



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