Friday, April 24, 2009

Gotta Love Beedeebabee!!!

I last posted about "The Gift" painting and here I receive one :)

My dearest Kindred Spirit Paulette aka Beedeebabee of gave me such a heartwarming gift. I recently popped over to her sweet Etsy shop to see what was cooking and I found her new bookmark creations. I absolutely had to have one.

You see, Paulette and I have a little Kindred Spirit Book Club going on and I thought it would be the perfect addition to our next book selection. Just like shoes & bags, you can never have enough bookmarks:) We've been friends eversince we first began messaging each other through ebay. Now we email each other all the time. She is super sweet and SOOOO talented. We surely feed off each others creativity. She's the best!

Okay back to my gift, Paulette wouldn't accept my money and refunded it right away. (Me *B*L*U*S*H*I*N*G* with delight) AAAAWWWWWWWHHHHH! But as you see below, she still sent me the bookmark I wanted to purchase plus another one she even personalized. AAAAWWWWWWHHHHHHHH! I know, right?

Sweetly packaged as always!

Full of neat delicate details!

Oh so Charming Treasures I will cherish always!

Below are just a few of her Etsy goodies available. She creates fabulous one of a kind hand stitched pins, tags, ornies, etc. Visit her shop here to find more!

Yummy eye candy!

Always stitched to perfection!

You just Gotta Love Beedeebabee!!! I know I do!

Thanks again Paulette!

Big Kindred Spirit Hugs,
Lisa :D

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Those are to die for!! Wonderful =D

  2. Hi, Lisa! What a great story! Isn't it fun to receive such goodness in the mail? Love the bookmarks! And how cool is it that she personalized one just for you??? Awesome! :-)

  3. These are so very cute! And the level of detail is wonderful! What a great gift for you!! :) Silke

  4. Thanks so much ladies! I love Paulette's creations! I feel very lucky to own a few of her works of art!

    Lisa :)

  5. Well, Lisa, you sure sold me! I just HAD to go right to Etsy and check them out - couldn't go away without buying one!


  6. Those are wonderful, so very pretty!
    How great to have found such a good friend through the internet.

    Micki x

  7. WoW! Such beautiful little treasures and - eye candy, indeed!!
    You are both two very talented ladies, Lisa! :)
    Hope your weekend is good!
    Big hug, Hege

  8. hi
    wow lovely items she got and nice of her do a personlised gift for you :)

  9. Those are very nice bookmarks. I've been attempting to make bookmarks, but those are really somehthing else. How nice of her to reward you as she did. I'll check out her Etsy. Have a great weekend Lisa and you are deserving of all gifts you receive. Take care.

  10. hi lisa! your treasures from paulette are fabulous! hey, one can never have enough felt, beads and blanket stitching, right?! and these are especially wonderful...i'm off to check out her shop....


  11. the felted bookmarks are just so pretty and definitely add more pleasure to reading. thanks for showing them off. :)

  12. Hi Lisa! I love your latest paintings! They are sooo pretty. This is such a sweet gift to receive from a friend. I especially love the yellow rose that she did. I will have to check her out. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  13. Such a kind story and super cute bookmarks! I really love them!:)

  14. How pretty and unique they all are! Thanks for the link and sharing your fun!

  15. The things you make are fantastic!
    Absolutly fantstic!
    Greatings from Germany

  16. "Eye candy" is the healthiest kind, no doubt, and I've gotten a lot of it from your lovely site.

  17. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous these are. What a wonderful talent she has -- no wonder you two are friends. lol. Two peas in a pod!
    Mmm... Thanks for yet another creative spirit to visit!
    Candace xo

  18. Lisa...

    You are just the SWEETEST sweetie pie ever!! Thank you so much for all of this. It's sooo beautiful! BIG KINDRED HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU!

    Paulette :) XOXO

  19. wow this is wonderfully detailed I just love her goodies I am headed to etsy to check her shop!
    I found you from OWOH and was so excited to see your wonderful work!!!

  20. How awesome are those bookmarks?? And how fun that you have found such a good friend in her Paulette. I can't wait to pop over to her shop and check out her work. And your new painting, 'The Gift' is absolutely fab!
    Happy Weekend...

  21. Wow! Those are so beautiful and delicate. Love them!

  22. Wow! So much detailed handwork.
    Absolutely gorgeous!



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