Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Blessings

Just in time for Easter. Today I received my adorable bunny nodder created by Allegany Annie. I purchased this cutie from collector and artist Jenny Carter of She recently auctioned "Dolls for a Cause" from her sweet collection to raise money for her on-going alley cat rescue. All images by Jenny Carter.

Jenny also created a blog dedicated in finding extra love & support needed to help these kitties. You can find more info at

She also has a current raffle for one of her own doll creations below.

From Jenny's site: "Donate $1 per chance to win my Helga Witch doll. All proceeds from my raffles go toward, feeding, spaying, neutering feral kitties in my area.

Raffle will take place April 30th. So, enter now, clicking on the donate button.

Please take a moment to visit:

Thanks again Jenny! She's SOOO Adorable!

Happy Easter!


  1. oh that is too cute. It's all for a good cause and that is good of her and you as well. I stopped by to say Happy Easter just in case I didn't stop by earlier. Enjoy, take care.

  2. That is adorable Lisa. Happy Easter to you and yours x

  3. hi
    lucku you i love these bunnies

  4. Oh my gosh! What a cute bunny! And what a great cause... I'll definitely stop by and see what I can do.

    Also, I've just given you an award! Drop by to pick it up! ^-^

  5. Jenny is just so amazing and really has such a huge heart! I am going over to Alley Cat Now!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


    Please come to my blog tomorrow to see my announcement!

  6. Beautiful bunny and witch.
    I remember I made tons of little witches to put Halloween Candies in.
    They were all hand sewn and could be used as puppets after the candy was eaten.
    What fun I had making them.
    Gosh you took me back a spell. Nice to have small children to do these fun things for.
    Now I don't do anything.My guys are too big to enjoy.

  7. Hi HON! Wow, I missed this the other day. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you love the bunny! Thanks as well for the nice big plug for the kitties, I really appreciate it.

    I have been so wrapped up in creating my new hobby (hook rugs) that I am starting to want to make something. Maybe out of paper clay. Soon it will be time for Americana and Halloween again and I know I will be itchin to make more dolls then..Lets hope so.LOL

    Big kitty hugs to ya~



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