Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank you Stefania!

I received the adorable art doll I won from Stefania of http://gufobardo.blogspot.com/ for the One World One Heart Giveaway. All the way from Italy. My other sweet giveaway prize from Shariyah came from New Zealand. Don't you just love traveling treasures?

Such a lovely creation! This handmade angel doll was also published in Quilting Art Magazine. Full of wonderful details.

Thanks again so much Stefania! She's a cutie!

You can find more works of art from Stefania here.


  1. How fun, and what a neat garden angel (at least that is what she looks like to me!).

    Happy St. Paddy's Day!

  2. added a post on my blog, thank you dear, I'm so happy to see my doll to you! ciao ciao

  3. boy, you sure have won some wonderful pieces of artwork lately!! congratulations! :)

  4. They are beautiful little dolls. Have fun with them Lisa. Take care.

  5. It has so much detail...it is lovely! :)

  6. Beautiful!!
    I love the cinnamon stick one.
    Is it cinnamon?
    Absolutely wonderful!

    Keep up the good work.



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