Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank You!

I wanted to give a big ***Thank You*** for all the cyber love I've been receiving. I really appreciate all your visits and super sweet comments.

Thank you Hege-Annie of for passing the "Makes my Heart Smile" Award.

Thank you Sara of for passing the "Kreativ Blogger" Award.

Also more love:
Thank you Bairbre Aine of for thinking of me for the "Pay it Forward" Love.

Thank you Shiva of for thinking of me for the handwriting tag.

Please check out all their lovely blogs!

Below are a couple of pages from my art journal this year.

I really enjoy expressing myself this way. Putting down thoughts and creating... just because. It took awhile for me to really begin an actual art journal besides just sketching. If you've been meaning to create one for yourself or just haven't done a page in a long time,

my clock fairy says "The time is NOW."

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)


  1. Hi Lisa, I have an art journal as well as a daily entry, but I don't do both on a daily basis. Wish I could but time just flys by. I love that beautiful girl with golden highlights.

  2. awww, Lisa you are so sweet. I love the piece with clock fairy!

  3. Gorgeous journal pages! Love the iridescent sparkles in your dream girl's hair! :-)

  4. Hi Lisa! This is utterly gorgeous, took my breath away. But then, what doesn't of yours? xoxo

  5. Love your art Journal. I have been journaling like a fiend lately, but mostly collage. You are making me want to paint, badly!


  6. Hallo Lisa,
    Awww you are so kind to remember and mention me.
    I truly believe in spreding joy and inspiration by way of 'sharing'.
    Your artwork inspires many, and touches probably more hearts than I can imagine.(present work,above, included).
    I hope you have a blessed and creatively productive weekend.
    Bairbre Aine

  7. So beautiful creations from you again!... My jaw constantly drops, when I visit your blog!... Your artwork for sure make my heart smile!! Again and again! There's no doubt about it! :)))

    Wishing you a happy, wonderful weekend! Warm hugs, Hege

  8. your art journal is wonderful....i need to start one of those! thanks for sharing yours! :)

  9. Great inspiration! I want to start my journal too. I wanted to tell you how much I love your art dolls. There are so many beautiful creations to soak in here. Keep creating and inspiring. You are a light! Zinnia

  10. Your journal pages are beautiful, love the sparkling hair.

  11. Beautiful journal Lisa.


  12. I worked on a cute little book while on vacation but I would really love to do an art book next. You always inspire me with your creativity!

  13. Its all in the eyes and they are beautiful



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