Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stuck in the Clouds

Here's the finished angel painting from the WIP I shared from this post here. More often than not, I find my head stuck in the clouds. Reality checks are always needed for this mixed media artist! 

Creative daydreamers like me drift off using our imaginations without even realizing it. At least for me this is how it can be. Jumping from project to project creating goodies that sometimes can give you less focus on other matters at hand. Hey, I admit I need reminding to watch the new season of GLEE too! And having the people you love to help ground you with shows... along with many more important matters are always a plus. :)

You can find this new angel painting now in my shop!

Blessings to you,
Lisa :)


  1. She is devine my dear Lia.
    So so beautiful face.
    Love your paintings.

  2. Lisa, your beautiful angel has such a dreamy feel. I love her expression... She's just so, so sweet! xoxo Paulette :)

  3. She is absolutely beautiful. The colours make her even more ethereal looking. I love your work.



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