Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I love to read all types of books. From contemporary novels, to historical fiction as well as paranormal romance. You can also catch me reading  a young adult novel every now and then too. 

No book snob here. I enjoy so many types of books, especially series. Gotta love them! As far as genres go, regency romance is an absolute favorite. I really get pulled into it. I just can't help it.

If I'm not browsing an actual book store, then I'm looking up authors, books and lists on goodreads.com. There was a point where my book shelves were piling up with more books than I could fit/afford. :)

I was so grateful to get a Nook from Santa for Christmas. This definitely helped out with my book shelving issue...somewhat. I really do love my Nook. I can tell because my trigger finger seems to keep confirming to purchase books on it's own. 

 Don't tell Santa, but I still need to actually hold that new book in my hand every now and then. Maybe it's only me. I guess you could say I love books in all forms. As I've mentioned before, I also enjoy listening to audio books as well as music when I'm painting. For you lovely artists out there, I recommend that you try it if you haven't yet.

As for my painting, you can find more info on "Celeste" in my etsy shop here.

Thanks for visiting! :)


  1. oh wow your painting of Celeste is truly stunning. Am sure she will fly off the shelves in your Etsy store. Annette x

  2. Oooh another dreamy painting, her face is so deep and intense, she looks right through reality! Awesome!

  3. The face is wonderful. I love how you blend the colour of the skin. And her eyes are fabulous

  4. Celeste is wonderful! The colors and the finish are awesome! Her expression is haunting and deep~



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