Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Paulette!!!

Today is my dearest kindred girl's special day! It's Paulette's aka Beedeebabee's birthday. Yayyyyy! Happy Birthday Paulette! You are always an inspiration to me! Wishing you many blessings on this lovely day filled with yummy cake and treats! Thanks so much for being you sweetie!

Big Kindred Hugs,
Lisa :)


  1. Your artworks are beautiful. I love your Chrissy decorations! x

  2. yay...what a beautiful creation..I am sure she will love it!

  3. Happy Birthday Paulette! I hope your day is as special as YOU are! HAVE FUN! Eat lots of cake and enjoy your day! Birthday hugs coming your way! Hugs to you, too Lisa! Have a wonderful day! ♥

  4.'s paulette's birthday!!!! here's to a lifetime of happy, happy wishes for a special, special gal!!! paulette is such a beautiful inspiration, and it's such a sweet blessing to know her!!! xox

    p.s. happy friday to you, too, dear sweet lisa!! xox

  5. Happy birthday to Paulette! She is INDEED a sweetie. I hope she's having a wonderful day. Theresa

  6. A lovely card to honor Pauklette, she is really a lovely and friendly and inspiering person.

  7. Oh, this is sooo beautiful my Kindred Girl!!! Lisa, you couldn't possibly be any sweeter than you already are. Thank you for these extra special, birthday wishes!!! ...She's sooo gorgeous!!!

    Sending love, xoxo's
    Paulette :):):)

    ...also, thank you to all these dear girls for their happy wishes! xoxo

  8. A bit late but from the heart. :) Happy birthday to Paulette.

  9. I always wanted to give an artwork as birthday gifts for my friends but having no time is always an excuse. Now this gesture of yours is sweet and generous! No more excuses on my side! The eyes in this one is truly soulful, and seems to hold a secret!

  10. Happy new year Lisa, I hope you will be blessed with health, wealth and happiness this year!!


    Micki x



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