Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeling Goth

Hello Fabulous Bloggers! Thanks so much for your sweet visits
to my blog! I really appreciate all the special comments you leave.
Here is my latest painting.

When I finished her up, I wasn't sure if she was just a
goth girl or maybe even a vamp girl. I'll leave the decision
up to you. Either way, I love the way she turned out.

I added a crocheted flower and brad to decorate her hair.

Here is a before and after. As you can see, I started out wanting
her to be an angel when I sketched her, then I changed it up as I
began painting. You can now find her up for sale on ebay. (sold, thanks!)

Also, a big Congrats to Bettina of for winning my collage
painting from my Halloween group blog yesterday! Yay!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)


  1. Lisa!! She is fabulous..gorgeous ad so darkly beautiful..she is poetry!
    Love her!
    Shine on!

  2. Lovely eyes! She is very mysterious, I think she's a vamp :0)The black background works great and the flower in her hair is so cute! Love the way you give your girls their luminous skin quality, so beautiful!

  3. I love the way she turned out too!!!! You are so amazingly talented!

    Friends are kisses blown to us by angels. --Author Unknown

  4. Isn't it funny how a painting goes where it wants to go, regardless of your plans, lol!
    she is gorgeous, I'm a big fan of the dark beauties

  5. Lisa she is amazing!! Thanks for showing the sketch as well! I enjoy seeing part of the process! The way you paint eyes is great! And her lashes look like tiny feathers! Love it!

    Loving the goth color scheme! :)

  6. Lisa, I think she is an old soul. She has the wisdom of the ages in her eyes. Of course, she could just be goth too! LOL As always, fabulous!


  7. Hi Sweetie! She's so GORGEOUS! Her eyes look like glass, and her features are just perfect! Your girls are so beautiful, Lisa. I just love them all! xoxo Paulette :):):)

  8. So so beautiful Lisa.
    Your painting art is a fest for my eyes. Love them.

    Have a lovely day. Hugs.

  9. She is amazing! Her eyes are magical. I think she's a vamp girl. Lets call her Bella. :)

  10. Eventhough I love bright or at least lighter colours more, she really looks special. Like all your girls, to be honest :)
    I had a privilege to hold one of your originals in my hands for couple of minutes.. it's sooo full of texture, details picture don't show..

  11. She's wonderful!! I love that air of mystery to her, is she a vampire? or is she just a gothic beauty? I love that it is left up to the viewer to decide :)
    I think she is a gothic beauty!!


    Micki x

  12. Oooh, she's beautiful--and I'm glad that you let her tell you what to do !

  13. Wow she's beautiful! Her eyes are just amazing, one of your best I think, they look so full of feeling. Great job girlie :)

  14. Lisa;
    She is absolutely stunning. Her eyes are so sharp and gorgeous! I really love what you have done here! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

  15. Greetings! She is really gorgeous - I think she definitely has a bit of goth in her. :) Maybe not a vampire...yet. Thanks for sharing her!!! Theresa

  16. Her eyes are very soulful....she's dramatic! Enjoy your weekend! Happy Halloween! ♥



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