Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Creative Cowboy

Hello everyone! Thanks again so much for all your sweet
visits! I really appreciate it. Your thoughtful comments
means so much. I'm currently working on a couple of
projects that I hope to share soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share one of the hubby's
creations he did awhile back. I just love Marc's humorous
style with this piece. It's such a treat to see his
creative versatility and artistic talents grow constantly
right before my very eyes.

This was created using multiple mediums divided on bristol

Here's a slideshow. Enjoy!

He used oil pastels, ink, colored pencils, gouache &

Marc and I still have another collaboration painting
in the works too, so keep watch!

Creative Blessings to you all, Lisa :)


  1. He is indeed a very talented artist.
    This is a very funny piece and it answers the queation. "Where have all the cowboys gone"

  2. Wow! You are BOTH so talented! Very neat and original!

  3. Wow! You both are so very talented. My congrats to your hubby for such great work. Take care and thx for sharing.

  4. That is just wonderful! Such detail and the colors are great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. ...such diverse styles...but what a talented couple you are!

  6. Lisa, Marc's work is amazing and amusing. I am wondering whether the last image in black & white is a self-portrait?
    This is a very fun piece! Thanks for sharing!


  7. What marvelous work. Funny, insightful and such talent. What fun it must be at your house. xoxo

  8. Thank you all so much! His creativity surprises me all the time, the humor part is always expected. :)

    Karen- No, the black and white photo is not a self-portrait. Thanks for making me giggle!

  9. What a wonderful gift BOTH of you have and to have it TOGETHER....wow!

    My husband and I both fancy ourselves as writers...he writes fiction...me not so much. I'm afraid non-fiction just comes easier...it's a matter of just knowing' the facts, ma'am!

  10. These are so cute! He is very talented:)

  11. Hi Sweetie! I am just BLOWN away by Marc's artwork, and I just love how his art pops up here every so often!!! I did lots of giggling as I watched your slide show...he's really something else! ;D I can't wait to see your new collaboration piece, I know it will be super special x 2! You guys are the perfect couple! Hugs to you both! xoxo Paulette :) :) :)



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