Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Pillow Quilt

This is the time of year when I begin stitching a bit more. As much as I love to paint, I always come back to embroidery & embellishments. The difference of the two for me is in the imagination process. When I paint, especially without collage elements, the blank canvas just comes together from what I imagine and what inspires me. It might be sorta the same for fabric collages, but when you have a visual of all the fabrics and embellishments in front of you, it makes it alot easier for my creativity to flow. It's like a fabric puzzle waiting to be put together!

5.25" X 6.5" on fabric

I used an altered art print of my original painting. Completely hand-stitched and created using fabrics, felts, sequins, beads, & buttons. Also decorated with dangling jingle bells and a fiber hanger.

I call it a pillow quilt because it has been lightly stuffed with polyfil.

Happy Friday & Creative Blessings,

Lisa :)


  1. Love all your wall hangings. You do beautiful work! Your paintings are lovely.

  2. oh, lisa, this is wonderful! i'm feeling that urge to stitch now, too. i think it is the time of year. i think sewing goes so well with a warm winter drink while wearing your favorite cozy slippers...;)

  3. Thanks everyone!

    I so agree Mystele, the weather just makes me want to stay in and stitch while sipping on some hot chocolate. Yummy!

    Lisa :)

  4. I love the guardian angel piece with the tilt of the heads, its coloring has such a nice feel. I love this pillow too, I am a fan of faces. Tranquility is beautiful also.



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