Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hocus Pocus

This cute witch painting has a shortened version of my original "Spell to Life's Happiness" created a couple of years ago. I've included this spell in a couple of art pieces, one of them is shown in an earlier blog.

Troubles be gone,
Worries move on,
Blessed be thee,
Remove strife & stress,
Heed my call now,
For my Life's Happiness!

8" X 8" X 1.5" deep on stretched canvas

The sides have been painted and are staple-free.

This close-up shows the sleeping moon that dangles from her hat.

Waving her magical wand high as she says the spell!

Created using ink, oil pastels, stamps, metallic, & acrylic paints.

Keep watch for more spell creations to come!


  1. I'm an artist too as you know, but where does the detail come from how do you know it's done? I love the Hocus Pocus and Faith! Beautiful!

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  3. Thanks for your comment! I sometimes have difficulty looking at a piece and saying it's done. Depending on what you imagined from the beginning of the piece, you may have exactly what you wanted. I was self-taught so for me, after sketching, painting, & embellishing, I always feel it's done when every detail is just the way I want it. It's always nice to try various techniques before you use them just in case it wasn't for the piece you just did. Practice makes perfect. I hope this helped. :)



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