Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My 1st Blog Ever! Happy 2008!

If there ever was a day for me to begin a blog, today would be that day. Fresh off the 2008 resolution list...CHECK! Thought I would share my first commission piece of the year. Mother & daughter mermaids. The paint is dry & ready to ship! I hope to continue the year with more blogs, to meet tons of fellow artists & friends, to inspire & to be inspired! To be more ME! It's the characters that are the strongest that GOD gives the most challenges to. Follow your dreams :) To be continued...


  1. Oh Lisa! I'm so happy you're blogging now!!! It's so much fun, you'll see!!! And your banner is wonderful!!! I just had mine re-designed along with my own website. It's not done, but here it is:


    If you ever add a "Favorite Places to Shop" link on your blog, please think of me :).

    I'm so glad you're here! I added you to my blog!

  2. Hi :)
    I found you on ebay and was so happy to see you have a blog too! :) Best wishes!


  3. And you're still here 2 years later, inspiring, and being inspired!! Love your artwork Lisa, it's stunning :)



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