Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Beedeebabee aka Paulette is a kindred spirit that I met on ebay. Our common interests in the Victorian era, crazy quilting, embellishing, stitching, romantic period novels, & movies etc... brought us together. Paulette is an extraordinary artist! She puts more than 100% in all her creations.

This was a sweet gift I received from her. A detachable handmade and hand-painted angel floats above a beautiful hand-stitched pincushion.

She hand-embroidered and embellished every little stitch, sequins, & bead you see.

Every little detail is lovely! Even the angels wings, dress, pants, & shoes have delicate embroidery and dazzle.

A whimsical beaded halo sits atop her head & gorgeously hand-painted face.

As a surprise, Paulette even stitched me up a tiny personalized heart tag! She's such a *S*W*E*E*T*H*E*A*R*T*!!!

The Kindred Spirit paintings I wrote about in my previous post are in her home now. Here they hang together in her work area.

She even added butterfly stickers to flutter around the Anne & Diana paintings.

Here are a couple of examples of her beautiful crazy quilts. Amazing creations and oh so Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

She has yet to create a blog (hint,hint),
but you can check out more goodies from
Paulette at Beedeebabee's Etsy Shop and also Beedeebabee on ebay.

Thanks for sharing your world with me Paulette! You always inspire me!


Lisa :)


  1. Hi Lisa, Wow- how sweet is that. Very talented.

    Can't wait to see your painting.

  2. It's a Wonderful work!!!!!! kisses Roseli Feltrin



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