Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Love

Thank you so much Maria-Therese of! I recently won her sweet Hollywood Celebration Giveaway. Some of her fabulous photographs, collages, & paintings are going to be in a movie. Yay! To celebrate, she hosted a lovely giveaway.

I was lucky to win a mixed paper soft cover notebook with a butterfly photograph taken by her and also a 5x5 print of her pink orchid photograph as well. I love them. I can't wait to use the notebook and to get her photo framed. Thanks again Maria-Therese!

You can find more similar goodies in her Etsy shop.

Thank you Micki of for passing on the love with the "Byrum Spiritual Art Award"! Micki is currently hosting a couple of nice giveaways too. Don't forget to check it out! Her art creations and blog are fabulous!

Thank you Anne of for passing on the "I Love Your Blog Dahling" Award! Anne creates fantastic cards and generously shares the steps & products she uses plus so much more. She also takes lovely photographs.

And finally...I'm going on a ROAD TRIP! Yay! I'm leaving the San Francisco Bay Area behind for just a few days and soaring out on the open road. I grew up on road trips and they are always something I look forward to. Be back soon! :)

Many, many thanks again to everyone for all your warm emails and sweet as can be comments! I really appreciate every single one of them!

Big Hugs,
Lisa :)


  1. It feel so strange and lovely for me to see the things I made at their new destination!! Sometimes I sit and think - maybe someone in Egypt or Florida is writing in a notebook I made this very moment... or looking at a photograph I took. Makes me wish everyone had a blog and let me peek inside their worlds! :-)

  2. Congrats on all your awards.

    Oooh! That sounds like fun! Come back all refreshed and inspired.


  3. Yeah for the giveaway win! You deserve the beautiful blog awards for sure! Hope you have a nice road trip. I LOVE road trips!!

  4. Congratulations to all your awards.
    Enjoy your trip!
    San Franzisco sounds so cool.

  5. Have a wonderful trip - and will be back as soon as you return and post again.

    Best wishes

  6. Have fun on your road trips. Boy I wish I could do that, but with 3 dogs, there is just no way. Enjoy yourself and tell us all about your road trips when you get back. Take care

  7. Have a great trip Lisa.Enjoy and be safe!

  8. Congratulations on so many fronts - the giveaway win, the awards and the road trip! Have a wonderful time!! :) Silke

  9. congrats on your win and awards, have a great trip!

  10. Oh how pretty Lisa! Congrats on you beautiful winnings, and on your sweet awards too! Have a fun, fun, fun trip!!! Come home with lots of happy memories! Big hugs always, Paulette :) :) :)

  11. hi lisa! congrats on your awards and giveaway goodies!! have safe travels....i grew up on the road, too (i'm an air force brat and we moved A LOT!!). have fun sweet gal! :)

  12. Sounds like you ran into Lady Luck! Congratulations!

    Can't wait to hear about your road trip.

  13. Hi, Lisa! Thank you for your sweet words! And congratulations on your other blog award, too! Lovely goodies in the mail. Enjoy your road trip! Sounds like fun! :-)

  14. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Hope your day is a great one!


  15. Road trip??? Cool! Have fun!

    Congrats on your awards.

  16. I have awarded you a most wonderful favorite award over at my blog!!!

  17. Congratulations on your awards, Lisa and hope you have fun on your road trip!

    Michelle :)

  18. I have just stumbled on you , your work is super!!!
    LOve it!!
    Cheers , Helen

  19. Hi I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading through it... I love your girls.


  20. Those a re lovely awards and a beautiful giveaway prize.
    Have so much fun on your road trip! I love travel and road trips too. I hope its a wonderful adventure for you!

  21. Hi Lisa. Just stopped by to say hi and hope all is okay. Hope your road trip is a success.



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